DP224 - Continuous Drawer Pull

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Seamlessly integrate beautiful aluminum continuous pulls into your cabinetry for easy opening along the length of the drawer. Brilliant design is especially stunning on a series of drawers or cabinets that run together with a minimalist linear feel. Seated comfortably on the top side of the drawer with a generous grip surface channel. Running the entire length of the cabinetry helps to accentuate the smooth lines and create a seamless infinite look. Enhance the overall aesthetic with the perfect finishing touch.

12" Continuous Drawer Pull - $40.25
14" Continuous Drawer Pull - $41.95
16" Continous Drawer Pull - $52.65
18" Continous Drawer Pull - $52.65

See additional information below for custom sizes:
Made to order and cut to size for your exact drawer size. Any size available from 4" up to 78". Ends are cleaned of any burrs from cutting and anodized for a finished look.

Finish: Satin Nickel. Custom powder coated finishes available. Please contact us for details.

Every component is inspected down to the chemical level to show that no hazardous elements have been found in the making of this part.
Constructed using renewable energy. We support the use of renewable energy projects and material reutilization.
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