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What is our price/discount?

All of our pricing is "net" pricing. We sell directly to you. We don't offer any trade discount, but we do offer volume discounts as listed on the website and in the catalog. For order quantities that greatly exceed our last column pricing listed, please call us for additional discounting.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. You can also pay by check or we can set up a wire transfer. If you are interested in opening a Net 10 account, please call or email [email protected] for a credit application. Please click here for terms and conditions.

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dataHow do I set up an account?

Having an open account is not a necessary requirement for ordering, but we do offer net terms for established accounts. Please call or email [email protected] to request a credit application. All other orders can be released on pre-pay terms until an account is set up. Please click here for terms and conditions for open accounts.

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Shipping Questions

Is free shipping available?

Freight charges are not included and are applied to the order as an additional charge during the checkout process. You may call in advance to discuss rates or other shipping options as needed. The only orders that are eligible for free shipping are orders for grommets, drawer pulls, and coat hooks within the continental USA accompanied by a check. Free freight is also available on sample orders, though it may be subject to review. You are welcome to use your own freight account or carrier or pick up at will call at no charge.


Can I use my own Fedex or UPS account for shipping (or any other freight carrier account)?

Yes, of course. Please indicate your request (also include shipping method - i.e. Ground, Air, etc.) and your account information during the order process; either verbally if placing an order over the phone, having it clearly noted on the PO if ordering via fax, or in the Customer Notes section when ordering online.


What are my shipping options?

We can ship any way you want. Please call for a quote prior to placing the order. All orders placed online will default to Ground Service unless otherwise specified. You may select "Other" for the shipping method and include specific shipping instructions in the Customer Notes field (i.e. Overnight, 2nd Day Air, etc.). To use your own account or preferred carrier, please say so during the order process (or include clear instructions on your Purchase Order).


Will I get a shipping confirmation?

shipping-processAn automated email confirmation that includes the order number and tracking information is sent for all orders after the order ships out. When checking out online, you will receive an email acknowledgement that your order has been received and a follow-up email with the order number and tracking info after the order ships. Fax or Phone orders will also receive an email confirmation after the order ships - the email will be directed to the purchasing agent listed on the Purchase Order or to the person who calls in the order. You may indicate an alternate email address for shipping confirmation.

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Order Questions

I haven't received my order. What can I do?

You should receive an automated email update with the tracking information after completion of the order. You can track your package online for updates or call the respective shipping courier for details. In the event of a lost package or a shipping error, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you with any reship options as needed.


Can I cancel or change an order?

Yes, but please contact us immediately to process your request as most orders ship out same day. If your order has already shipped before the change or cancellation can be made, you are welcome to return the order upon receipt. There is no restocking fee on returned items that are received in resalable condition.

*Note this does not apply to custom or made-to-order items. Once a quote has been approved and signed authorizing the custom specifications presented, production will begin immediately on the parts. In the event of any issues, please call right away to discuss further options or possible change order requirements, but we cannot guarantee any changes can be made at that point. Stopping production may result in forfeiture of the deposit payment. Also note custom or made-to-order items are non-returnable after completion.


How do I know if parts are in stock?

in stock96.5% of orders ship out same day, except made-to-order items. You are welcome to call ahead of time to check status or stock/availability on any item(s).


How do I return an order?

Your order with us is completely risk free. This means no restocking fee and no return shipping costs. Please call us to set up your return at 800-523-1269 and we will provide you with instructions. We accept back returns on any order at any time for any reason, so long as the returned items are in resalable condition upon receipt. Items will need to be packed securely to avoid damage in transit which may potentially result in withholding credit. Once items are received in resalable condition, your return will be processed within two business days. If the entire order is returned in full, we will issue credit for the original freight charge in addition to the cost of the parts. Please notify us immediately if your order was received without the intended items or included damaged or defective parts and we will replace the order and pick up the original package(s) at no charge.

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What is ETL?

An ETL Listed mark indicates that the product has been tested to North American product safety standards by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). A NRTL is an independent laboratory recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Like the UL mark, ETL is recognized and readily accepted by manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). This certification demonstrates compliance with widely accepted safety standards and periodic follow-up inspections. Some of our units have UL listings, while others have ETL listings or CSA listings. UL is probably the most widely recognized testing certification in the US, but ETL is equally as accepted. A CSA listing is a Canadian certification, which also adheres to the same electrical standards and testing procedures. See links for more information on each: ETL, UL, CSA)


What are ADA guidelines?



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Where are your products made?

While there are select parts made in house, many of our parts are made in the US, some locally in CA, others are imported from Europe and elsewhere. If you need more information about a particular part, please call for specific country of origin or MSDS requests.

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Custom Orders

We are the kings of custom!

customWe can customize anything. Trust us, we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to find the perfect part to fit an application only to find out it's too small, or the wrong finish, or any number of variables that can turn a home run into a dud. That's why our custom department is open to take your specific requests to suit your needs, most of which are easy and economical. We can match any color! Custom powder coated or metallic plated finishes available on most items. Or customize any of our power and communication systems to your specific user needs - custom configurations, custom cord lengths, and hardwired and daisy chain options. Need something longer or shorter? Taller or wider? Or just simply something built from scratch? We have thousands of parts in stock and ready to ship, but if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, give us a call at 800-523-1269 or email us [email protected]and find out how we can help you!


Why the long lead time on custom items?

General lead time for custom parts is 4-8 weeks. Due to the custom nature of the job, custom parts generally take time to make and there is no way around this. It often involves several steps that are completed at different locations. We strive to get all jobs done in a timely manner, and oftentimes, we are able to complete the job before our posted lead times. Please call or email [email protected] to discuss your request and lead time in detail.


Why is a 50% deposit required for custom items?

All custom orders require a 50% deposit in order to begin production. The balance can be paid upon completion. This is simply a security measure to protect against cancellations after production has begun, thus minimizing the risk of having to stock custom or unfinished parts on our shelves. The same 50% deposit requirements may apply to large orders of stock items as well that extend beyond our normal stock levels.

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Do you provide installation sheets for your products?

All of our parts have technical drawings available online. Installation guides are also available online for select products (if applicable). In select cases, cut sheets or templates are provided for items with cutouts of irregular shape (i.e. oval or custom laminate instructions). This does not include round, square, or rectangular cutouts. We have installation videos available online for select parts with more videos coming soon.


Why should I wait to receive my parts before cutting/drilling holes in my furniture?

We provide technical drawings for reference, but we recommend waiting until you have the parts in hand to do any drilling or routing, just to ensure that you eliminate any room for error. This is simply a precautionary measure as once the hole is made, it might be too late!


When using an HDMI coupler, how long can my connection be?

HDMI signal quality may be compromised when using cables over 50' in length. It is typically recommended that longer cables include an amp to serve as a signal booster. Note, however, active high speed HDMI cables are not recommended when using a coupler, switch, splitter, or matrix. Connecting multiple active HDMI cables in a series may result in signal failure.

Tip: Test cables and connections before installing inside a wall - if there are any issues or problems, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time, effort, and expense of installing them inside the walls.

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What screw lengths are available for drawer pulls?

screwsSome parts have hardware included. Others require you to specify the screw lengths needed. A general rule of thumb is to add 1/4" to the thickness of your drawer or cabinet. We offer standard and metric threading, and have 3/4" up to 1-1/2" screws in standard imperial and 3/4" up to 2" screws in metric. If you do not specify a specific length, 1" screws will automatically be included.

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How do I locate a drawer pull for a specific center- to-center size?

If your holes are already drilled and you're looking for a replacement part solely based on the on center dimensions, we have a quick reference chart.

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What is the difference between static and dynamic load weight capacities on your casters?

A static load bearing is the weight applied without any build up of energy, and therefore is to remain motionless. Force, pressure, and gravity remain static or are applied gradually. A dynamic load bearing is measured by the application of rapid force or pressure to an object. Casters that hold a stationary object in place would be considered static. Casters that are used for objects that will be in constant motion with additional weight applied (i.e. for a chair where people would be sitting and standing or a cart where objects are thrown on top for transport) would be considered dynamic.

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How are plastic parts plated with metallic finishes?

The plating process basically entails chemically etching platable grade materials to micro etch, or "roughen" the surface. This activates, or "seeds" the surface with metal ions. The activated surface can then undergo an electroless nickel plating. Once the plastic part is metalized with electroless nickel, it can then be processed in a similar way to metal substrate parts that are conductive for electrolytic plating processes.

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Are there any clean and care instructions for parts?

General cleaning and care instructions for any metal, powder coated, or plated finishes simply include dampening a soft cloth with warm water and gently dabbing any affected areas. For heavily affected areas, apply soap in moderation. Avoid aggressive chemical solvents (i.e. bleach and acidic or alkaline solutions).

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Finish Questions

How are your finishes applied?

Depending on the material and the finish, we have several options available. We offer powder coated, plated, or anodized finishes.

Powder coating is applying a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer, making the end result similar to a painted finish. We also have select parts that have a basic spray-on or spray-on-then-baked finish.

Plating involves binding a thin surface (finish) covering over the base metal through electrolysis to provide corrosion resistance and easier cleaning. Metallic finishes can also be applied to plastic parts. The process entails chemically etching platable grade materials to micro etch, or "roughen" the surface. This activates, or "seeds" the surface with metal ions. The activated surface can then undergo an electroless nickel plating. Once the plastic part is metalized with electroless nickel, it can then be processed in a similar way to metal substrate parts that are conductive for electrolytic plating processes.

Anodizing is done on Aluminum and also creates a protective coat for corrosion and wear resistance and is done by passing a direct current through an electrolytic solution creating a build-up of aluminum oxide. This protective coating eliminates finger prints and stains. All of our Aluminum parts are anodized. We simply classify all of our Aluminum parts as "Satin Aluminum."

*Note that since we use different suppliers and techniques for finish options, there may be some slight variance in color, depending upon supplier. Plated finishes can also differ slightly from batch to batch. We have sample finishes available upon request - please call for more information. For a quick reference color swatch guide, please click here: /pdf/Mockett_SwatchGuide-2014.pdf


Does finish affect pricing?

In some instances, different finishes for the same part might be priced differently. Pricing information per finish is available online - select the finish option to drop down a pricing window in product description. Please call with any further pricing inquiries.

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Do you have any other locations or showrooms?

Our business is located in the greater Los Angeles area and is our only location. Our showroom on site is open to the public. We do exhibit at multiple tradeshows annually around the country, so we advise checking our tradeshow calendar for updates on when we might be in your area. If you are interested in seeing any parts prior to ordering, we do offer samples, so please contact us for more information.

Will call/showroom address:
1915 Abalone Ave
Torrance, CA 90501

110 Fwy to Carson St exit, West to Abalone Ave., left to next corner. 405 Fwy to Western Ave exit, South to 220th St., right to next corner.



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