How to Enter

2021 will be our 36th Annual Design Competition. Seeking the best innovative ideas in furniture parts, components, accessories and hardware. Even if you think your idea is too prosaic, dull, unusual or "not good enough", we urge you to send it in and let us be the judge of that. You would be surprised at how many First Place award winners were shocked when they got the congratulatory call! They never thought they had a chance...

Entry is easy: Send us a clear write-up about your idea. A drawing is even better, and a model is best. Please send FedEx or Registered mail and show Attn: Design Competition on your label or airbill.  Entries can also be emailed to [email protected] (PDF files only).

Deadline is always the Tuesday after Labor Day and the judges meet and decide in December. First Place entries are awarded $1000, an engraved achievement trophy, and a royalty based on sales, with no limit to the number of First Place awards.
Click here for our address. Questions can be emailed to: [email protected], or call 800-523-1269, from the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands or 310-318-2491 from everywhere else.

We are still accepting late entries. Submit your entry now!


Are there any restrictions for entry (i.e. age, profession, student or professional credentials, etc)?
No, there are no restrictions for entry. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to submit ideas.

Are international entries accepted?
Yes, we accept entries from all over the world. Note local electrical standards may differ from your native country if applicable in your design.

Can I submit multiple ideas?
Yes, you may send in multiple entries. Please submit entries separately for review.

Can I submit a video entry?
Yes, you can send a video demonstration or explanation of your idea so long as it is accompanied by a PDF presentation.

Will I still own the rights to my design?
Yes, you own rights to your design. But you license the design exclusively to us to make and distribute for 15 years. After 15 years we can continue to sell the part, and you can also arrange to have anyone else do the same, if you choose.

What are the terms for royalty payments?
Royalties are paid annually. They are paid by March 31 for the prior year. Royalties are paid at the rate of 5% of what we sell the part for. They run for 15 years from the date of first sale. This is important because it often takes a year or more to bring the design through final design and manufacturing to be ready to sell. It is not uncommon for a winning design from 2018, for example, to not be ready to sell until 2019 or even 2020. For example, a 2018 winning design that has its first sale February 5, 2020, would run 15 years from February 5, 2020 -- until February 4, 2035.

Previous Winners    It makes us proud to see how this Design Competition of ours has grown over the last three decades.

Panel Bracket
Designed by: Walter Lang

Panel Screens for privacy and health & safety considerations are now an important part of office and commercial design. Having the option to mount similar to a standard grommet with a butterfly nut to tighten underneath introduces new options to swivel and reconfigure setups easily.

Curved Table Leg
Designed by: Eli Chong

A distinctly modern table leg with a striking appearance. Hollowed cavity in rear keeps the leg lean and lightweight without compromising weight capacity. Plans include production in multiple sizes, including standard table leg height and a smaller 18” version for furniture.

Foot Pull
Designed by: Kaitlin Sides

Innovative foot-operated door pull design builds on the concept of hands-free foot pulls for lower cabinets to prevent spreading germs through shared-use handles. It’s unique S-shape will allow you to operate from above or from underneath for use on interior doors.

Blade Door Stop
Designed by: Yosei Ikeda

This is one sharp design! So sharp in fact, we call it Blade. A premium alternative to your boring rubber or wood door wedges. Its aerodynamic shape is complemented by its gleaming anodized aluminum finish for an ultra-sleek look. A magnificent display of precision detailing and smart contours.

Coat Hook
Designed by Hannah Eckersley

This intriguing art deco inspired coat hook takes an ordinary stamped triangle plate and layers it by bending out additional interior triangles that serve as multi-level hooks.
Hang a shirt or jacket on the bottom hook and an additional jacket, hat or scarf on the larger hook above.

Floor Wire Manager
Designed by Michael Nelson

Wire Management for the floor under desks and along baseboards can be tricky, but this unique design solution takes an ordinary wirestay channel and turns it into a shield for your power strip to conceal the wires safely out of harm’s way and doubles as a footrest. Seat your power strip in the caddy and run additional data cables underneath.

Door Handle
Designed by Peter Clare

Beautifully textured deco-inspired door handle includes chamfered layers that step down gracefully into a smooth grip surface area. Experience a sensational sensory exploration through its stylish tactile contours and regal visual aesthetic. Multi-level planes and noble stature give this handsome design added depth and character.

Triangle Bracket for Shelf Track System
Designed by Colter Swan

A thoughtful line extension of an existing shelf track series, these aerodynamic triangle brackets with rhythmic cuts will fit into Mockett’s M-Style and C-Style tracks (see SH14 & SH15). An interesting alternative to our minimalist bracket arm, this version not only stands out, but also adds to the overall weight capacity.

Edge Track Wire Manager
Designed by Steve Goldberg, Wilmington, DE

A brilliant cable ganging solution that provides a single, protected wireway for floors which can be easily extended and fitted to size to hide unsightly cables. This system consists of multiple connection modules where cables can enter, allowing for multiple entry points and clean, flexible routing solutions.

M1 Panel Divider Bracket
Designed by Myers Welborn, Boone, NC

Multi-purpose panel bracket corrals cabling and neatly channels it down the length of the panel. Rounded edges converge into the sharp cutaway for cable pass-through. Thoughtful design and execution and beutifully finished exterior.

Sconce Coat Hook
Designed by Nathan Haeme, Boone, NC

Sconce inspired multi-level coat hook serves as a functional hook for coats, hats, and scarves and doubles as a decorative wall hanging. Gently rounded contours cut away sharply into a precisely tuned notch for added visual aesthetic and functionality. Great for entryways or offices, anywhere you might need to hang your belongings. A vivid display of art merging form and function.

ShelfMaker Support Bracket
Designed by Steve Goldberg, Wilmington, DE

Highly versatile shelf bracket design not only stands out as a beautiful desktop accent, but also lends itself to various interpretations. Its hard lines are softened by its rounded edges and unique contours, and its universal function can scale to larger or smaller applications, including wall or desktop shelving or larger benches.

Panel Bracket
Designed by Richard Bell, Boone, NC

Stunning panel grip holder has a unique style all its own. Dynamic layers create an award winning classic look with a vintage feel. An art deco motif with rhythmic lines and hard edges, this geometric beauty has an unbridled sense of modernism with a refined purpose and texture.

Curved Leg
Designed by Jason Guidry, Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful accent piece with brilliant versatility. Easily transitions from a three to a four leg configuration to accommodate round or square table tops. Ideal for use with glass to showcase its shapely design and smooth contours.

Hinged Hook
Designed by Andrew Sack, New York, NY

Versatile hinged hook can be mounted on a wall for coats and hats, or under a shelf or table for purses and handbags. Back plate mounts to surface and hook swivels into position.

Desk Leg
Designed by Stacy Tao, Miami, FL

Tao legs easily mount to the edge and underside of any table top, allowing you to turn any custom piece into a functional desk height work surface. Arched twin leg sets sold in pairs.

Bolen Pulls
Designed by Jeff Bolen, Torrance, CA

Merging style and innovation with architectural brilliance, this pull is reminiscent of its predecessor, the Bolen Leg – a 2009 Design Competition Winner. Large grip area and hefty body, great for larger drawers or even doors. Creates a bold, striking presence on any surface.

Lily Grommet
Designed by Rick Lewis, Palo Alto, CA

Traditional grommet cap and liner paired with a unique cable management system allowing easy access to plugs and cables on the surface level. Slots on the grommet liner sort cabling through designated slots and prevent the plugs from slipping down through the table. The elevated platform style cap conceals the cabling and also provides a usable surface space. Available with a felt pad on top of the platform cap for a better grip surface to hold mobile devices while charging.

Torii Rack
Designed by Michael Rosen, Menomonie, WI

Extremely versatile coat hook system that allows the hangers to move freely throughout the track. Space the hangers evenly across or bunch them together on one side to create space for a heavy coat – however the job sees fit. The hangers contain two hooks each, a large hook for coats and hats and a small notched hook for keys or a scarf. The track is mounted first and the hooks slide on from either end and can be moved easily from side to side. No longer is the hanger committed to a fixed position; these movable hangers not only slide, but you can add or subtract any desired number of hooks.

Divider Panel Bracket
Designed by Aaron Zorndorf, San Francisco, CA

Creating a divider on a large work surface is a cinch with individual panel brackets. Create personal space in any shared workstation or simply add a personal screen to an existing setup. Simply mount the bracket(s) to the work surface and slide in the panel from the top. Adjustable bracket can accommodate panel thickness up to ½" using rubber spacer pads to clamp the panel in place. Sold individually to suit any custom job size.

Designed by Erik Coursey, Skandia, MI

A wire manager that gathers multiple wires at a central point and gently curves them around the edge of a desk.

Metal Wire Managers
Designed by Mark Zack, Hillsborough, NC

A series of stylish machined metal wire managers that can easily be placed or moved as needed on a desk or work surface.

Polished Balance
Designed by Saruul Herz, New York, NY

A new approach to table leg design with the legs bending inwards instead of standing straight up.

Metal Hook
Designed by Rick Poliquin, Henderson, NV

A unique low profile hook designed to hang a purse or computer bag under a desk or table.

Shelf Support
Designed by John O'Connor, Griffith, IN

John designed an extraordinary extruded aluminum shelf support. As he said in his submission, “... simple architectural form creates an eye-catching and pleasing design”. It will be about 6” by 8” overall in size and quite sturdy. It can be used with either the 6” or 8” side as the support, to accommodate shelves up to 10” wide. We think we’ll bevel the edges and make it available in a nice satin anodized finish as well as matte black. It is in tooling now and available January 2011.

Bolen Leg
Designed by Jeffrey Bolen, Marina del Rey, CA

Perhaps we’ve been at the furniture parts biz too long. There aren’t too many table leg designs that elicit a “wow!” from our long time judges. (Or maybe we’ve had the judges too long?). Jeffrey, an architect, sent in a leg design that was a “WOW!”. It is very unique. Made of stainless steel and dark wood with stainless fasteners, with a stepped design that is broad at the top and steps down to almost a point. Perfect for your contemporary furniture designs! We will be offering it on a custom basis, so we can make it to your exact dimension, stainless finish, wood choice, and wood finish.

Lawrence Wire Manager
Designed by William Lawrence, Anna, TX

Let Mr. Lawrence explain: The concept of the Z CLIP is to provide a simple, low cost and versatile wire manager. Wires are inserted into the guide by pushing down on the flexible leaf. Use it individually or in groups to form a path for routing and organizing wires.

Star Grommet Set
Designed by Michael W. Davis, Rockford, MN

As Mr. Davis said in his submission, "Unused cords are kept neatly and conveniently at hand with the retainer balls in contact with the "star grommet". When a specific cord is needed, simply extend it out from the "star grommet" and use as needed. Holds up to 6 cords."

Designed by Doug Wolff, Marshall, MI

An innovative approach to a standard item. As Mr. Wolff said, This grommet is the reverse of your current design be being a concave shape. The unit could be chrome with a rubber membrane keeper for the wires

Tapered Leg
Designed by Mark Zube, Oconomowoc, WI

Zube's design was of a gorgeous tapered leg. As he said in his submission, "This leg is very simple ... it reminds me of a sail being filled by a gust of wind."

"Newport" Counter Support
Designed by Mel Archer, Hillsboro, OR

Mel's design concept was to permit visibility through kitchen windows from beneath the dining counter, so came up with this slim-line support of 1/2" diameter Stainless Steel tubing mounted to Satin Stainless mounting plates. Maximum shelf depth is 14".

"Wallace" Flexible Grommet
Designed by Tony Toosky and Julien Egger, Los Angeles, CA

A flexible grommet molded in one piece of strong and flexible rubber. Note the raised opening stays closed until cords are passed through.

Carbon Fibre Table Leg
Designed by John Slater and Blu Lindgren, Indianapolis, IN

John Slater & Blu Lindgren submitted a unique application of high tech and super-strong carbon fibre, common in aircraft and racing cars but rarely seen in furniture. They designed a table leg of carbon fibre and used the excess material to make drawer pulls in several sizes.

TL/Loop Table Leg
Designed by Peter J. Pless, Marquette, MI

Peter J. Pless also designed a table leg, but from a totally different perspective. Mr. Pless's concept is laser-cut steel sheet, then bent to shape, and what a captivating shape it is! First, one major element crosses through and inside the other, giving somewhat of the illusion of a magic shape. Second, the entire leg rests at an angle to vertical. Base features an adjustable glide. Size: 27 1/2" tall with 8" square top plate, custom heights and finishes available. Finishes: Satin Stainless Steel, Matte Black, and Glossy White.

TLM-CF Milano Carbon Fibre Table Leg
Designed by John Slater and Blu Lindgren, Indianapolis, IN

Carbon Fibre has a distinct pattern in its weave that offers a modern touch to furniture components. John and Blu have fashioned a tube for our Milano leg of this stylish and super-strong material.

DP172 Drawer Pull
Designed by Matthew Boyko, San Francisco, CA

This ingenius pull can have a smooth flat front or a slotted surface, allowing you to insert a label. These are perfect for displays needing a convenient, attractive way to label merchandise - or to use simply as a great drawer labeling system. We also offer custom sizing, so you can mix and match smooth and slotted surfaces - creating your own lengths. Pulls are screwed onto the drawer face from behind. Finish: Satin Aluminum. Dimensions: approximately 1 1/2" high with a 1 1/8" projection.

FLR3 Grommet
Designed by Matthew Boyko, San Francisco, CA

Not only does it look ultra-chic and architectural, it's truly innovative! The tapered cap features a pleasant radius. It slides up to fit plugs and wires, then down, but not fully closed. It is always slightly raised above the liner flange. Wires can be accessed a full 270°. Colors: Matte Black, Mahogany, Navy Grey, Warm Grey, Pecan, Desert Sand. Designed to fit a 2 1/2" hole size.

Sombrero™ Wire Manager
Designed by Andrea Ruggiero, New York City, NY

Named Sombrero™ because of its distinctive straw hat shape, this cord containment spool conveniently keeps cords from cluttering a workspace. Screw it onto either a vertical or horizontal surface, spool your cord, anchor the outgoing cord into one of the three notches in Sombrero's "brim" to prevent accidental unwinding -- and that pesky cord is out of your way! Stack one on top of another (just use a longer screw) to spool even more cords.
Sombrero™ will be offered as WM24, in five colors: Avocado Green, Aqua Blue, Pimento Red, Noche Grey, Media Noche. Patent pending. Size: 4" diameter x 1 17/32" tall (under the brim.

Designed by Scott Hofmann, Seattle, WA

Pragmatic and simple, Hofmann's design is for a wire manager to be fastened under a desk/work surface to keep cables up and out of the way. Further adding to its pragmatism is that it's designed to work in a horizontal plane rather than a vertical one. Essentially, he took our WM2 and extended a flange top and bottom for fastening! Good going - good new design coming from another good design!Now available in two sizes; WM22 and larger size WM22A.

TLWISH Wishbone Leg
Designed by Aaron Zorndorf, Pacifica, CA

A fascinating design of twisted steel bar which, as Mr. Zorndorf says, is "utilizing existing materials in a fresh way with multiple finishes and size potential". Patent Pending.

SH25 Counter Cantilever
Designed by Jeff Nornberg, St. Louis, MO

Industrial and modern in design, this stainless steel support with satin finish is terrific for glass shelves. It is 14 21/32" tall with a unique design and shape. Shelves fasten to the top of the support and are capped off with a distinct glass cap cover. The modern triangular shape of the body is crossed with different sized holes which add an air of openness.

HVR Hover Grommet
Designed by Steven J. Orlansky, Waterbury, CT

"Hover" is what it is called and for good reason. Orlansky's grommet has a unique feature; the edges of the cap are very wide and substantially overlap the diameter of the grommet hole. Since one cannot see the edge of the hole under this wide brim, there is no need for a liner. The underside is stepped so the grommet can fit into two sizes of holes: 2" and 2 1/2" diameter. Finishes: Satin Nickel, Polished Aluminum, Matte Black and Satin Chrome!

Oasis Extruded Leg
Designed by Robert Fields, Walnut Creek, CA

Robert Fields submitted a very cool, very modern double ellipse extruded aluminum leg. One ellipse is larger in diameter then the other and the leg can be used with either the narrow or wide ellipse facing outwards. An additional benefit is the chamber within the ellipse can carry wires and act as a wire manager. 27" high by 3 7/8" wide.

Beethoven, PCS51
Designed by Marvin R. Cooke, St. Louis, MO

Marvin Cooke sent in a power/data center for a conference table. It rotates 180 degrees to expose the power and data modules. The center can accommodate a large number of both power and data outlets. When closed, the top surface can be covered with veneer matching the table, thus hiding it from view. Alternatively, it can be covered in a contrasting material so as to highlight it and create an interesting dichotomy. Proposed size is: 10" x 9 1/2".

Spider Wire Manager
Designed by Tom Pierce, Rochester, NY

As Mr. Pierce explains, "The design intent is to neatly bundle cords and still have easy access to removing and replacing existing cords whenever equipment is upgraded." Spider has 8 separate sections and the ability to define each one by simply adding a color-coded stickie. He concludes, "The Spider Wire Manager is just waiting to have all your cords fall into its web!"

CD, Zip Disc Holder
Designed by Douglas F. Wolff, Ceresco, MI

A nifty holder for zip discs, CD-ROMS, pencils and other things. This interesting design screws to the back of the desk or work surface and offers movable ends that can snap into slots. The slots are also designed to fit the zip disc or CD-Rom so they can just sit in vertically. It's a contemporary design that will go with most all modern office layouts. To be made of metal and available in a number of colors and finishes. In tooling: Available Fall 2001.

Wire Manager (WM17)
Designed by William Lawrence, Santa Fe, NM

Mr. Lawrence sent in two designs, both of which were declared First Place. That is also another "first". Wire Manager for glass table is a good point well made. If you have a glass desk or conference table, the last thing you want is a black plastic wire manager! So Mr. Lawrence designed a subtly oval, clear plastic version that fastens to the top or underside of the desk with clear suction cups. All you will see are the wires, hopefully of interesting colors! Our thought is to make it in black as well as clear for those who like the design but do not have glass tables.

Aluminum Table Leg
Designed by Robert Fields, Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Fields designed a terrific leg a few years ago and has now graced our 15th competition with another wonderful design. Should we call it "Fields Other Leg" or Fields Next Leg"? You be the judge. This leg is all angles and subtle light reflections. To be extruded from aluminum and then satin anodized, it will offer a most unusual design that will go well with any contemporary table or desk. If you want to make a statement, this leg will do it. It will be 3" by 3" square and offered in 27" lengths, custom heights available. We plan to make an optional extrusion to snap into the channels so you can feed wires through and cover them up.

Electrical Outlet Valence
Designed by William Lawrence, Santa Fe, NM

This design covers your basic electrical outlet so no one has to see it or the ugly plugs sticking out. Mr. Lawrence also added a wire management feature, so whether the cords go up the wall or down to the floor, they can be covered and tactfully put in their place. The cover will be made of plastic and snap over a metal plate that attaches to the existing screw at the electrical outlet. It will be made for duplex outlets. The wire manager will be extruded plastic and can easily be cut to fit.

Laminate Grommet Cap Cover
Designed by Phil Smith, Yorba Linda, CA

What a great idea! Now you can put your own laminate or veneer onto a grommet cap and have it match the desk or work surface. Phil Smith has devised a nifty three-part system to make it easy. We'll be offering it on our XG grommet size going into a 3" hole.
Here's how it works:
1. Glue laminate onto cap, then put cap onto trim ring.
2. Trim off excess laminate with router, using trim ring as guide. Remove trim ring.
3. Drill 3" hole and glue in liner to depth that puts laminate cap flush with desktop.

ForeArm Rest (KP5)
Designed by Dave Gilbert, Mount Julien, TN

With all the interest now in carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress syndrome, how appropriate Mr. Gilbert has designed a work surface add-on that will assist heavy computer users in lessening these types of stresses. This ForeArm Rest cradles the forearms and supports them, providing a level of comfort not found in other devices. It may look bulky, but its advantages far outweigh any disadvantage. Besides, it is made of a lightweight plastic that will help integrate it into the workplace.

Multi-Purpose Support Bracket
Designed by Alan W. Bowman, West Des Moines, IA

Work surfaces are becoming busier: there's room for very little except the mess! We have designed a series of Multi-Purpose Support Brackets solely for the purpose of adding a raised shelf at the rear of the work surface. Mr. Bowman has added an elegant variation we will put into production straight away, As he says."The desk I built . . . never had a writing surface due to desktop 'clutter', so I set out to elevate a catch-all shelf to handle my pens, pencils, scales, etc. The enclosed photos and sketch show how the solution looks for a 10 3/4" elevated shelf . . . I used pricey polished stainless door pulls . . . to achieve a prototype design that was functional, strong and elegant."

Whitley Table Leg
Designed by Chip Whitley, Alexander City, AL

An exciting and provocative design of welded steel plates giving an illusion of curves; perfect for ultra-contemporary tables, or perhaps even '50's designs? As Mr. Whitley explains: "The design of the leg is somewhat a contradiction of form. Flat planes combine to give a sense of a solid curving leg. Visual interest is increased by the negative space between the plates, which provide strength and define the form." Available in 27-1/8" height, ready for plating or painting.
Custom sizes available.

Keyboard "Holster"
Designed by Jessica Clay, Mesa, AZ

Ms. Clay is our first student winner, and she has come up with a very practical solution to a common problem.
"The thought for this type of design came from being in a computer lab where computers were lined up side by side and there was no room for taking notes by hand. Since the keyboard is sometimes not needed, it seemed the natural step to form some type of holder/carrier to "stash" the keyboard . . . to make the keyboard holder fit in as many places as possible." "It's easy to see that this . . . could be an accessory that every computer owner would purchase if space was a necessity, and it usually is".

Table Leg
Designed by Tim Sharpe, Renens, CH

Our first European winner, and a marvelous leg design that demonstrates sleek Continental influences.
" . . . my proposal is a wire management system designed to fit onto tubular desk legs. The idea consists of two individual components: the head which fits the leg to the desk, and the foot . . . cables can either be passed through the hole on the side of the head beneath the desk, or through a hole directly through the desk top, fitted with one of your popular grommets . . . the offset screw fixtures . . . allow for diversity in the placement of the desk legs . . . legs can either be placed flush with the edge of the desk, and a hole can be made through the top of the desk to allow for the wires to pass through. Alternatively, the legs can be further out, forming the corner of the desk or even protruding out from the desk, with a special grommet fitted onto them to allow for the wires to pass through without altering the desktop."

Power Bracket
Designed by Jose Raul Padron, New York, NY

A winner from last year with his "Hot File Manager", Mr. Padron continues to impress with his quest to make work a little less demanding, by creating devices to make it just a little bit easier.
"Power Bracket is a bent metal bracket that secures under the desktop to hold power strips/surge protectors. 2 DP-15's secure to edge of work surface to gather extra cord length. Shorter cord lengths allow for faster troubleshooting and quicker installation. Open architecture maximizes access to outlets and varying appliances". A neat idea that extends both our line of wire management and brings power right to the underside of the desk with an inexpensive, easy to attach bracket. Slick idea!

The Hot File Manager
Designed by Jose Raul Padron, New York City, NY

The Hot File Manager sits inside a slot routed into your desk top, and is yet another step toward our goal of bringing you total office efficiency. You'll never have to search for your most urgent files again because they'll be right within arm's reach. Files aren't hidden away in some far-off file drawer that you have to walk over to and open twenty times a day. This brilliant little device will save you steps and time and make your job a whole lot easier. Made of vacuum molded plastic. Simply cut a hole and drop it in. Your hottest files have never been closer at hand.

The Fields Leg
Designed by Robert Fields, Walnut Creek, CA

Designed by architect Robert Fields. We're calling it, not surprisingly, The Fields Leg. The judges couldn't help but fall for the simple extraordinary design of this table leg. Unlike other table legs that are formed from rolled steel tubing, this leg is brake-formed from a flat piece of 1/4" steel. The delightful scalloped pattern is cut, then the metal is bent to a 90 degree angle. Gussets are added for strength. Simple and stylish.

The Threshold Wire Manager
Designed by William Lawrence, Richardson, TX

Perfect for wire management across heavy foot-traffic areas. It is fabricated from one-piece extrusion construction. Low, low profile, and a provision on the bottom for double-sided tape or a non-slip pad. The neat thing about it is a hinged top that allows for easy access to cords.

Round Pop-Up Grommet
Designed by Douglas Wolff, Cresco, MI

An innovative concept in grommet design that takes our line of round plastic grommets one terrific design step further. You pop the cap up and out, insert cords and plugs, and place it back on. The arches built into the cap not only offer a nice touch of refined style and design, they also separate the cords so they don't all bunch up.

Adjustable Depth Liner
Designed by Scott Hofman, Seattle, WA

Our hats are off to Scott Hofman of Seattle, WA, for his submission of an adjustable depth plastic grommet liner. The adjacent drawing shows it well, and Scott explains it like this: "The concept is an exterior grooving that allows the installer to cut the liner depth to match the thickness of the panel. This eliminates the unsightly core exposure at the bottom of the liner. The grooves . . . allow the installer to size the liner with a utility knife . . . "

Corner Grommet
Designed by John W. Kelton, Orlando, FL

An interesting solution to the common problem of using a round grommet cap in a corner situation where it would look awkward: a round piece in a triangular environment.
"The simple arc of the grommet cap complements the corner, allowing for a smooth aesthetic transition from one edge to another. It also gives the feeling of a 'homeplate", or rather a place where wires, the runners, begin and end", said Mr. Kelton.

Wire Manager Support Bracket
Designed by Timothy M. Ryan, Schenectady, NY

This is a truly practical solution for cabinetmakers and installers everywhere. We're pleased the first sale was to the White House (yes, the one and only) for their revamped press room.

Extruded Grommet
Designed by Errol A. Ahearn, Hanover, MA

The beauty of this design is it brashly stands out. It is raised above the desk, and does not attempt to disappear into the desk design as so many of our grommet designs do. In fact, it emphasizes the desk design. One continuous length can be used along the back of a desk, or two can be used at corners for balance and effect. The Extruded Grommet has an "invisible hinge" along one side for ease of opening and pre-installed double-sided tape. It is nicely serrated for good looks and to discourage fingerprints.

Baserace Wire Manager
Designed by John Loftus, Metaphorm Design, Costa Mesa, CA

“Why doesn’t anyone make a baseboard wire manager that looks more like a baseboard and less like a wire manager???”
This was the self-fulfilling prophetic question Mr. Loftus asked himself, perhaps while facing a Pacific Ocean gale standing on the cliffs in Costa Mesa, then admirably answered.

Integrated Solid Surface Material
Designed by Gordon Kyle, One & Co, Oneco, CT

Not a new product but a creative application of a material relatively new and seldom used in the office furniture industry. He explains: “For the past year, we have been pursuing the concept of integrating solid surface material (Avonite) into office furniture . . . can best be accomplished incrementally, through the use of component parts . . .”

The Tertocha CPU Holder
Designed by Roger Lee Tertocha, Santa Cruz, CA

Imaginative design screws to bottom of work surface, keeps CPU out of the way but close at hand. Helps avoid water and dirt damage.
Base is adjustable from 3 1/2” to 6 1/2” wide to suit most CPU sizes.
Two versions: CPU-1 is fixed to desk; CPU-2 is mounted on slides, pulls out for CPU servicing.

The Cooke Table Ganging Device
Designed by Marvin R. Cooke

The device works entirely by hand (no tools required), and leaves no exposed hardware on the table edges when not being used. To install tables, simply push the tables together, level them one to another, hook the device in the grooves and tighten the hand wheel. One or two devices per joint is usually all that is required.

Egyptoid Leg
Designed by Alan K. Calnek, Baltimore, MD

Designed of intersecting planes of inverted triangles meeting in a stylized base - a sphere, cone or cylinder - each will be made to your exact specifications.
Suggested widths are 6", 8" and 10" at the top by 27" to 35" high. Any height available.
Egyptoid Legs come in matte and satin finishes only.
Made to order, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for production.
Please contact us for quotation.

Air Vent Cap
Designed by Hugh White, Sarasota, FL

EDPAVG2 air vent grommet cap can be used with EDP1 liner, or with the EDPAD1 adjustable depth liner. EDPAVG2 fits into 2 1/2" hole when used with either EDP liner option, or into a 2 9/32” hole when used alone. Perfect for refrigerator housing and stereo/TV and computer cabinetry and a great solution when you need venting and don't want a gaping hole left in your paneling. Larger version available: ZGAVG2

Junction Box Grommet
Designed by Rick Poliquin, Los Angeles, CA and L.P. Mascitti, Jr., East Hazel Crest, IL

5th Annual Design Contest winner, designed by Rick Poliquin of L.A. and L.P. Mascitti, Jr. of East Hazel Crest, IL separately and independently! Neither knew the other and no one could believe it! Just goes to show great ideas are everywhere.
The Junction Box Grommet is one great idea. It's a 5-1/4" square grommet that goes over a junction box into a 4-13/16" hole. Perfect to finish off a credenza or a wall covering stuck with an ugly junction box. Rick and L.P. got stuck with lemons and made a great jug of lemonade!
Presently just in a size to suit a four outlet junction box, but one of these days we're going to tool up and make one for a duplex outlet.

GT Air Vent Grille
Designed by Goldberg-Touhill

In their letter presenting the advantages of their winning entry, Messrs. Goldberg and Touhill said, "Our normal procedure is to make a cutout, then cut a seat on the underside, paint the interior edges, and fit the vent grille. This leaves a painted plywood edge showing for 1/4" above the panel. This is unsightly, but hard to fit with T-molding or any other edge treatment, so we leave this edge with a painted finish. The GT Air Vent Grille is our answer to the problem."
GT's will be custom-made to your size specifications. We fell this is a far better approach than to offer a few stock sizes that may not suit your job. Four week delivery, but usually faster.
Finishes are Black, Light Grey and White. Other finishes available to meet your requirements.
Note: To order, just tell us the exact size of your cut-out hole and quantity. We'll take it from there.

Burfiend Pull (DP6 Series)
Designed by Nancy C. Burfiend

A 1989 Design Competition winner submitted by Nancy C. Burfiend, her description describes this delightful pull best: "First, I visualized a simple, geometric form that would be functional, comfortable to use, and cost effective to fabricate."

Clean line Wire Manager
Designed by Aaron Zorndorf, Pacifica, CA

A milestone in wire managers, the CL series combines the best aspects of wire access grommets and wire managers into one masterful, highly flexible solution.
Using low cost extrusion and common end caps, this elegant system cleanly accommodates all sizes of equipment cables in a common trough. Allows for movement of electrical components freely over the work surface. Easily accommodates electrical components added to the work surface in the future – without expensive modifications.

Pierce Pull (DP5 Series)
Designed by Tom Pierce, Rochester, NY

This extraordinary drawer pull can go anywhere, with style and grace. On cabinets, credenzas, desks, wall units, doors. The design is simply irresistible. Its clean, subtle lines make it the perfect finishing touch for contemporary furniture. A 1988 Design Competition winner, and versatile, too: can be mounted in any plane; vertically or horizontally, two opposed, or as a coathook!

Stathis/Sherman Grommet
Designed by Peter Stathis and Suzette Sherman, San Francisco, CA

Now you see it ... Now you don't!
The brilliant S/S grommet is the brainchild of our talented New York design associates, Peter Stathis and Suzette Sherman. A design contest winner from our 1987 competition, this grommet has it all: Clean design, subtle elegance, and functionality with a capital "F".
The beauty of the S/S is that when countersunk into the desktop, it sits flush, and the wires seem to disappear into the work surface, for a clean, uncluttered look that's in a class all its own.