Grommets & Wire Management

Grommets & Wire Management


Our claim to fame is grommets - those little things lining the holes in desks, countertops, work surfaces, floors, etc., that allow pesky wires and cables to pass through. But then what about the cables under the desk? You need wire management for under your desk too! Our cable managers are not only functional, but look great too. Available in quality materials such as metal, plastic or wood and in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

  • Classic Round Plastic Grommets Flip-Top® Tab

  • Wire Managers

  • Metal Desk Grommets

  • Trash Management Grommets

  • Mixed Plastic Desk Grommets

  • Flush Mount Grommets

  • Air Vent Grilles

  • Wood Grommets

  • Floor Covers & Solutions

  • Forstner Bits

  • Grommet Hole Size Chart