Doug's News

April 2018
Doug's News April 2018
We welcome to our neighborhood this friendly street fruit vendor. He’s right on the corner where our building is located, at 220th Street and Abalone Avenue
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March 2018
Doug's News March 2018
Trade show season is in full swing and we’re ready to show off our new designs and new concepts. They are so, so good – let me brag a little – you’re gonna love ‘em!
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February 2018
Doug's News February 2018
We are quite proud of our newest 50+ page brochure filled with new and innovative hardware, and truly hope it gives you a lot of creative direction as you design your upcoming projects.
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January 2018
Dougs News January 2018
Happy 2018! We hope it will be a banner year for you. We’re here to help you succeed with our ever-expanding line of “Fine Architectural Hardware for Your Fine Furniture”™
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December 2017
Doug's News December 2017
As we come to the end of yet another year, all of us at Doug Mockett & Company want to wish you and yours all the best for a Happy Holiday season and a fantastic New Year.
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November 2017
Doug's News November 2017
Hurricane Harvey came blasting through Texas and was harmful to many of our clients. We had two older Ford vans we were going to raffle to employees but thought it better to donate to Texas clients slammed by Harvey.
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October 2017
Doug's News October 2017
October means a lot of things to different people: to those living on the East Coast it means the true beginning of Fall; to those who are ardent baseball fans it means the start of the World Series
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September 2017
Doug's News September 2017
very now and then the company does a "Lunch and Learn" where we invite speakers to lunch and then talk to all 65 of us. We've been doing it maybe 4-5 years with a wide variety of disciplines ranging from professional baseball players to race car drivers (of course!) to industrial designers to artists.
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August 2017
Doug's News - August 2017
If all goes as planned we will be mailing a new mini catalogue shortly after Labor Day, mid-September at latest. Nearly ready to go to print. It will be filled with good stuff, new ideas, and old standbys. We think you'll like it.
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July 2017
Doug's News July 2017
A Happy July Fourth weekend to you! Hope it was a nice and relaxing four day weekend. Every July 4 we all enjoy hot dogs and ‘burgers, a cool drink, fireworks, and big “Happy Birthday America” festivities.
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June 2017
Doug's News June 2017
NEOCON is just around the corner! As the largest office furniture, hardware and accessories show, it draws some 55,000 visitors and is a “must” if you are in the biz or a related business. The dates are June 12-14.
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May 2017
Doug's News May 2017
We'll just get the bad news over with first: in our trusty Olds we were running second and challenging for first last weekend at the Chihuahua Express rally in Mexico when an oil line came loose, the oil pressure dropped to 0...
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April 2017
Doug's News - April 2017
A confession: we've been making wire management grommets for 35+ years and know the drill. Honestly, it has gotten a little stale and we need a new challenge. So -- I had a brilliant thought at 3am the other night.
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March 2017
Doug's News - March 2017
Last December it was quite a special day when we brought likely the first Christmas gifts ever to the 39 students at Ignacio Zaragoza Preschool and Juan Escuita Decima Musa Elementary School in rural Mexico.
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February 2017
Doug's News - February 2017
It seemed a simple enough request a year or so ago, I thought. "Say, why don't we create a new website?", I said. After all, how hard can it be? Just design a new dazzling home page, write a few descriptive words...
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January 2017
Doug's News - January 2017
Last month you may recall my writing in this column that when we were on the annual October race through Mexico, the Carrera Panamericana, an old lady at a rest stop in the tiny village of Chapa de Mota asked me if I would buy her...
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December 2016
Doug's News - December 2016
The strangest things happen on the Carrera rally, the 2500 mile length-of-Mexico event we do annually. But nothing can top what happened this year. We had a rest break one morning in the small village of Chapa de Mota.
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November 2016
Doug's News - November 2016
The Carrera Panamericana was over a few weeks ago and were we 4th? Or were we 3rd? Both it turns out, but eventually credited 4th. Here is what happened. During first day's stages, one of the organizer's timing crew made a huge error...
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October 2016
Doug's News - October 2016
If it is October it must mean La Carrera Panamericana time once again! This is the road race that runs for seven days and some 2500 miles through Mexico, this year starting in Queteraro.
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September 2016
Doug's News - September 2016
Our Giant 50% Flash Sale flyer is at the printers and will go into the mail "soon". It should arrive the week of September 12. And will be posted on our website as well. The sale is broken down into seven categories matching the seven...
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August 2016
Doug's News - August 2016
It is with great pleasure I share with you our growth. Not just growth in sales, but growth in our people. We've long had the policy of promoting from within and it has been a good one. We are able to take experienced people who know...
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July 2016
Doug's News - July 2016
We've been doing NeoCon for over 20 years now, and trust us when we say this was our best show yet! Our monstrous 140' long booth took over much of the 7th Floor - we were hard to miss! You can view it in its entirety via our Virtual 360° Tour.
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June 2016
Doug's News - June 2016
The trucks just left with our 140 foot long booth for NEOCON! It takes three 53' trucks to haul it all from LA to Chicago. Our little street here in a residential part of downtown Torrance was filled with honking horns and waving fists from irate drivers...
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May 2016
Doug's News - May 2016
Trade show season is upon us! As you can see from our Tradeshows page, we will be at many diverse shows. As a direct marketing company we love to say "hello" to those voices we know on the phone.
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April 2016
Doug's News - April 2016
One of the benefits we offer is, after five years' employment, a three month fully paid sabbatical. Actually I borrowed the concept from academia, where the idea was that a professor took a break from teaching for a school term to follow...
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March 2016
Doug's News - March 2016
In memory of our dearly missed employee, Hector Tovar, who was tragically taken from us in 2000, we annually award The Hector Tovar Award to the employee(s) who best exemplify his incredibly infectious spirit. Believe me, it is a Big Moment.
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February 2016
Doug's News - February 2016
After only one month into 2016, we are already making huge progress on a number of new parts. We expect to launch several of these new products in the first quarter, including our recent Design Competition winning entries.
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January 2016
Doug's News - January 2016
2015 was a great year for new products. We introduced 48 new product families, which translates into 579 new SKUs. 2016 looks to be an even better year. We already have some 40+ new products in development, not all of which will...
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December 2015
Doug's News - December 2015
Can you believe 2015 is coming to a close already? Another year gone by. That's not to say it wasn't a year to remember though! 2015 was another monumental year. Another year of expansion. We are growing!
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November 2015
Doug's News - November 2015
Last month I wrote glowingly about the upcoming Carrera Panamericana. We had a great car and great expectations, and nearly fulfilled them. Key word "nearly". Qualified 8th of some 100 entries and held 8th overall for a few days...
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October 2015
Doug's News - October 2015
Everywhere in North America the month of October means that football season is in full swing. Except in Mexico! That country welcomes the annual running of La Carrera Panamericana, a race/rally from southern to northern Mexico.
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September 2015
Doug's News - September 2015
While we hope everyone is enjoying Summer 2015 - and it's been a warm and dry one most everywhere - we've been at work on new temptations. Hard to believe we have some 40-50 new ideas in the works, most of which will debut...
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July 2015
Doug's News - July 2015
Whew! We can finally sit back and relax a little. Last week we were all running like crazy people, as we had displays at our two biggest trade shows, NeoCon in Chicago and InfoComm in Orlando. Both going on the same week and half a ...
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June 2015
Doug's News - June 2015
June is the epicenter of trade show season and we'll be at two of the biggies, NEOCON in Chicago and InfoComm in Orlando. The dates can be found on our 2015 Trade Shows page. They overlap a bit but we'll be fully manned at both...
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May 2015
Doug's News - May 2015
Trade show season is upon us in a big way. In May we'll have displays at AIA Expo in Atlanta and HD Expo in Las Vegas, both in the middle of the month; visit our 2015 Trade show page for exact dates and locales.
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April 2015
Doug's News - April 2015
Seems like the winter of 2014-2015 is just not giving up without a struggle! But it will soon give way to sunny days and clear, blue skies. Trade show season has begun and I hope you can stop by and say hello at one of our Tradeshows...
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March 2015
Doug's News - March 2015
Trade Show season is just around the corner and are we excited about it! The schedule where we will be exhibiting can be found on our Trade Shows page, and I trust you will be able to stop by, see our incredible new concepts, and say hello ...
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February 2015
Doug's News - February 2015
Calling all customers: do you have pictures of your finished application featuring our parts in use? Would you be willing to share with us so we can feature them on our social media outlets in the future?
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January 2015
Doug's News - January 2015
2014 has come and gone in a flash! Far too quickly Winter turned to Spring to Summer to Fall... and now back to Winter! Opportunities and problems came and went, but the sun rose every day! Not all bad.
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December 2014
Doug's News - December 2014
Hard to believe another 12 months has gone by. Where does the time go? Worse, the older we get the faster it seems to go by! We celebrated 2014 with our two-years-in-the making new Catalog 23 which you should have
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November 2014
Doug's News - November 2014
October means La Carrera Panamericana - the 7 day 2500 mile rally the length of Mexico - and we were in it again, for at least the 20th time since 1988; maybe even 24 or 25 times. We qualified 5th (of 84 cars), not all bad.
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October 2014
Doug's News - October 2014
As you may know we have spent some time getting our new Catalog 23 ready. It has just been mailed and you will be receiving yours soon if you already do not have it. It is chock-full of new stuff and we are "cautiously optimistic"...
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September 2014
Doug's News - September 2014 Update
As you know from our previous announcement, the Pro Mazda Series ended with an incredible come-from-behind finish and was won by Spencer Pigot, the young driver that we proudly sponsor. The race aired on NBC Sports on a program ....
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September 2014
Doug's News - September 2014
Groan... Labor Day marks the official end of summer so back to work we all go. No more R&R at the beach or the lake or the mountains. A few things: Though Tuesday September 2 marks the due date for entries into the 29th annual Doug Mockett...
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August 2014
Doug's News - August 2014
After about two years, countless revisions, innumerable meetings, hundreds of discussions, late nights and weekends, revisions, rewrites, product developments, go-no go decisions, more rewrites and more revisions, and many ...
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July 2014
Doug's News - July 2014
Whew. Hard to believe we've just come off our own version of a World Cup fútbol match - three trade shows in three weeks! Yes, we're all exhausted but also very exhilarated. Exhausted from the 9-5 standing for days in a row (and then partying...
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May 2014
Doug's News - May 2014
Like a lot of things it seemed like a good idea at the time. Why not make a big splash at our biggest trade show, NEOCON in Chicago, and take a bigger space? A little voice said "take a BIG space"... so we did. What were we thinking?
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April 2014
Doug's News - April 2014
April is here, Spring has Sprung (well, in most places anyway), and the racing season gets underway now! This weekend we'll be in Chihuahua, Mexico, defending our First Place finish last year in the Chihuahua Express rally that goes 1100 miles...
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March 2014
Doug's News - March 2014
As you may know, over the years Doug Mockett & Company has supported up and coming young race car drivers. Last year and this we are helping 20 year old Spencer Pigot in his quest to make it to the Indy 500.
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February 2014
Doug's News - February 2014
Welcome to 2014! Looks like it is going to be a pretty good year from all we've read and experienced. So we're - "cautiously optimistic" -- as they say. 2013 ended up pretty well, and seemed a pretty good year all over, in talking to...
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January 2014
Doug's News - January 2014
All of us here wish all of you there the very Happiest of New Years. May 2014 be a good one for you and yours. It was cool, we thought, last Summer when we got our first 3-D printer that printed up to 6" x 6" x 6"!
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December 2013
Doug's News - December 2013
Where has 2013 gone? Far too quickly, that is for sure... Each Holiday season our employees design and decorate a tree for the Festival of Trees at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. The Festival is a hospital fundraiser and after being on display...
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November 2013
Doug's News - November 2013
So here it is the beginning of November and we've just finished the 26th Carrera Panamericana, an annual 2000+ mile blast racing the length of Mexico. It went from one disaster to another, absolutely the most frustrating race I've ever, ever...
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October 2013
Doug's News - La Carrera Panamericana 2013 Update
Today is Day 6 and we are stalled on the side of the road outside Guanajuato. Electrical issues. Never even made it to the start of the first stage. Event started well with us qualifying 4th out of 85 or so cars. All downhill from there!
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October 2013
Doug's News - La Carrera Panamericana 2013
Hard to believe ... but Friday the 25th of October marks the 25th anniversary of La Carrera Panamericana, and also the start of the 2013 edition, in the Gulf of Mexico port town of Veracruz. Seven days and some 2400 miles of racing and...
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October 2013
Doug's News - October 2013
Twice in the past few weeks friends of Rita's have had their purses ripped off while eating out at local restaurants. Had the restaurants had our HK20 purse hook the sad outcomes may well have been different.
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September 2013
Doug's News - September 2013
Labor Day weekend just past marks the traditional end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. And what a Fall it promises to be! Our 2014 catalog is coming along and will (should!) be mailed to you in January. We think you'll love it...
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August 2013
Doug's News - August 2013
Happy August. Our Adley Diaz sent me this last week and I'd like to share: "As one of our employees was leaving for the day, she spotted something in the skylight of the warehouse. A closer look revealed it was a little hummingbird fluttering...
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June 2013
Doug's News - June 2013
Last month on Saturday, May 11, about 40 of our colleagues met and walked around USC and the Los Angeles Coliseum area with 50,000 others in the annual "REVLON Run/Walk for Women", a fundraiser to support women's cancers research.
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May 2013
Doug's News - May 2013
In the nearly 35 years I've been designing and marketing furniture components, I cannot remember a time when we had more new and - truly excitingly new - products in development.
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April 2013
Doug's News - Chihuahua Express Win!!!
Doug Mockett & Angelica Fuentes came from behind to take the win in the 3-day rally that runs in and around the area of Chihuahua in northern Mexico. The pair qualified first and at the end of the first 350 mile day incorporating 10 speed...
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April 2013
Doug's News - April 2013
This winter just doesn't want to fade away does it? One day in the Midwest and East it is 70 and sunny, next day 12" of snow! What gives? But it is now April and I guarantee it, Spring will arrive. Soon. Maybe ...
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March 2013
Doug's News - March 2013
We had a VERY special guest last month and we're extremely excited to share! CJ Wilson of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was kind enough to join us for lunch and share some of his experiences and give us an inside look at the life of a...
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February 2013
Doug's News - February 2013
Martin Luther King Day is very special for us. We mark it with a day of service to others. One year we helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake and assisted an abused women's shelter. Another year we assembled 30 care packages filled with...
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January 2013
Doug's News - January 2013
At our annual Christmas lunch we present the Hector Tovar award – given in honor of Hector who died far too young in 2000 – to the employee(s) best exemplifying Hector's endearing qualities of hard work, leadership, friendship, and...
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December 2012
Doug's News - December 2012
All the best for a wonderful Holiday Season to you and yours from all of us here at Doug Mockett & Company. And we wish you a fabulous 2013. Every November we decorate a Christmas tree for the "Festival of Trees" at our local...
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November 2012
Doug's News - Hurricane Sandy
We extend our warmest condolences to all of our customers, business partners, and friends who have suffered from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. We truly hope that if you were in one of the affected areas that you were able to escape...
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October 2012
Doug's News - La Carrera Panamericana 2012 Update
More to come but we finally got car working properly and were first on the two last days. Alas it was not enough to overcome eventual winner Gabriel Perez or second place Emilio Velasquez ...
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October 2012
Doug's News - La Carrera Panamericana 2012
Having done this event some 17 or 19 times since 1988, one must wonder why anyone sane would drive 2000 miles the length of Mexico in 7 days, at breakneck speeds at times -- and keep coming back to do it again!
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October 2012
Doug's News - October 2012
Well, if it is October, that means just one thing: the Carrera Panamericana! What World Series? Star navigator Angelica Fuentes and amateur driver (me) will be back for our 18th or 19th attempt to win this week-long, 2000 mile drive along...
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September 2012
Doug's News - September 2012
With Labor Day weekend just behind us, Summer is officially over. Back to work! We've been hard at it developing new products all Summer, an equal ongoing challenge and joy. Every time we launch a new idea we are like proud parents...
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August 2012
Doug's News August 2012
More about it next month in September E-News, but we are very excited to announce a great leap forward in Power and Communications Grommets. We will be offering our PCS54 unit with a wireless charging device built into the lid!
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July 2012
Doug's News July 2012
Last month we exhibited at the NEOCON show in Chicago and were very pleased by the response and the attendees. We displayed the new power and communications grommet we are calling EDP/2.0 for the moment.
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June 2012
Doug's News June 2012
June 11-13 marks the office furniture industry's biggest trade show, NEOCON, at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. We will be there in our usual spot on the 8th floor with a larger booth featuring many more new and innovative products and ...
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May 2012
Doug's News May 2012
We are celebrating the Grand Opening of our brand new showroom with two open house parties on May 2nd and May 3rd. While we have maintained a strong presence at various trade shows throughout the country for many years, we...
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April 2012
Doug's News April 2012
Cancer! No other word strikes fear like the word "cancer". We all know friends and loved ones who have been stricken by this awful disease, perhaps even struck down by it. It has the same dreaded sound as the word "polio" did in the 1940's...
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March 2012
Doug's News March 2012
On January 20, 2012 the staff at your company did something quite extraordinary - they put an employee on a commercial flight to hand deliver a small order to me because it was the only way it would arrive the same day.
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February 2012
Doug's News February 2012
Martin Luther King Day is very special for us. We mark it with a day of service to others. One year we helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake and assisted an abused women's shelter. Another year we assembled 30 care packages filled with...
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January 2012
Doug's News January 2012
Now and then I see a bumper sticker that says something about doing random acts of kindness. On the way to work I drive by a golf course surrounded by woods. It's pretty rural and sparse - for LA.
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December 2011
Doug's News December 2011
2011 marked our third year of participation in the 28th annual Festival of Trees sponsored by our local hospital, Torrance Memorial Medical Center. We do it because it is a good cause, but more so in memory of Sue Carr, a wonderful employee...
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November 2011
Doug's News November 2011
A few weeks ago ace navigator Angelica Fuentes, our trusty 1954 Olds Super 88, and I finished second overall of 112 starters in the world famous Carrera Panamericana, the rally that goes from the south to the north of Mexico.
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October 2011
Doug's News La Carrera Finish 2011
Coming into the last two days of the week long Carrera, we were second overall (of 112 starters), 24 seconds behind the leaders -- same guy who blocked us in Day 2 costing us at least 20-30 seconds. Had he not blocked us we would be...
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October 2011
Doug's News La Carrera Update 2011
Monday, day 3, was a day starting in Queretaro and ending in Morelia. Weather was great as it has been the entire event. We started in first overall and ended the day first overall. Car did not handle well, the front end has a lot of understeer which...
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October 2011
Doug's News La Carrera 2011
Carrera Panamericana 2011 has been a fascinating one ... We've been so busy no time to send updates. But results are on the La Carrera Panamericana website. Sunday marked the end of Day Three. We left Huatulco Friday and ended up in...
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October 2011
Doug's News October 2011
If it is October it must be time for the annual Carrera Panamericana mad dash from the south of Mexico to the north, 2000 miles over 7 days. We're ready to go and we're ready to win, so let's hope it all works out for ace...
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September 2011
Doug's News September 2011
Summer's over, back to school, and soon comes the cooler Fall and Winter weather. I hope you have enjoyed a good summer 2011. If you've been in the path of bad weather lately it has not been a good summer.
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August 2011
Doug's News August 2011
I am very flattered that Doug has asked me to pen his column in our August monthly enews and what better to write about than what you know? After more than 27 years with Doug Mockett I've learned a thing or two about the company.
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July 2011
Doug's News July 2011
Last month we exhibited at the NEOCON show in Chicago and were very pleasantly surprised by the response and the attendees. LevityIn a first for us, we launched Levity®, a new and innovative task light with a cocktail party one night.
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June 2011
Doug's News June 2011
Early last month was the annual Revlon Walk to raise funds for women's cancer research. Team Mockett chose to honor Ofelia de Leon, mother of two of our employees, Deedee and Paul. Ofelia walked with us last year and then two months...
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May 2011
Doug's News May 2011
Here we are in the industrial heartland of Los Angeles. And now - welcome to LA - The Goats Next Door! I thought one of our employees had lost it when he came and said, "Have you seen the goats next door?" Sure enough, in the dumpy...
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April 2011
Doug's News April 2011
Every year our team of gallant "Mocketteers" turns out to walk 5 kilometers around the LA Coliseum in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women fund raiser to support research in women's cancers.
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March 2011
Doug's News March 2011
You know the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. Maybe we could learn from that - last month we mailed our newest New Products Supplement, 42 pages filled with new products and concepts and ideas, and titled Catalog 22A.
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February 2011
Doug's News - Electricity & a Refrigerator
Every year that the Carrera Panamericana starts in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the southernmost, and poorest, Mexican state of Chiapas, we have always helped Prof. Jorge Morales Ramos, a good guy who runs a charity named...
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February 2011
Doug's News February 2011
Don’t pretend to know much about economics, but over the years have summed up the furniture industry like this: “If they ain’t renting office/commercial space, they ain't calling the office furniture dealer to order furniture, the dealer ain’t...
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January 2011
Doug's News January 2011
Greetings for 2011. Let's all hope it will be a good one. Our annual Christmas luncheon is a festive occasion; this year we had a wonderful magician who literally pulled tricks out of his hat. It is also time to pay homage to our dearly beloved...
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December 2010
Doug's News - December 2010
We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Every Christmas Torrance Memorial Medical Center, our local hospital, has their “Festival of Trees”, a fund raiser for which various donors decorate a tree placed on display at...
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November 2010
Doug's News - November 2010
Last month we once again ran La Carrera Panamericana, the 7 day, 2300 mile race from southern to northern Mexico. No, we did not win. A broken driveshaft on Day 1 ended any chance of that ... and devastated us. We ended up 27th of 118 entries.
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October 2010
Doug's News October 2010
A week or so ago we had a company luncheon to celebrate our first 30 years in this biz ... hard to fathom ... and to honor the people who have been with us 20 or more years. Believe it or not, more than 15% of our employees have been with us...
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September 2010
Doug's News September 2010
It is now just after Labor Day weekend, Summer is over (for some of us anyway --see cartoon!), it is back to school time, and time to get back to serious work for the Fall and Winter. It is troubling to read and hear how bad “they” say things are.
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August 2010
Doug's News August 2010
You aren’t going to believe this, and neither do I. But truth is often stranger than fiction. Back in January we, along with the rest of the world, were shocked at the destruction and devastation the earthquake of January 12 brought to the...
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July 2010
Doug's News July 2010
The middle of June was the annual NEOCON show. Things were a bit more reserved than in the past, but it was great. We met many new faces, saw a lot of old ones, had a good reception to our new products, and came away energized...
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June 2010
Doug's News June 2010
Every year the Entertainment Industry Foundation in Los Angeles supports women’s cancers research with a 5 kilometer walk/run fund raiser that starts by the LA Coliseum, wanders around the neighborhood, and ends by...
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May 2010
Doug's News May 2010
Trade show season is fast upon us. I will be at ICFF and NEOCON and hope you’ll come by and say ‘hello’. As we’re in the mail order biz these are our opportunities to meet our clients and exchange ideas.
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April 2010
Doug's News April 2010
It was quite humbling for all of us to have received the letter below. My hat is off to our Award Winning Customer Service Representatives. Very humbling ... Our people do a brilliant job taking care of our many clients...
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March 2010
Doug's News - Haiti Community Support - Container 1
Last Friday, February 26, was a banner day. That was the day our first container of aid was picked up and shipped off to the Dominican Republic where Haiti Community Support (HCS) will pick it up and transport it overland to Port au Prince.
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February 2010
Doug's News - Haiti - How We All Can Help
In my lifetime I have never seen such destruction and devastation as in Haiti. Watching CNN is painful. Your heart has to go out to these unfortunate souls, to this desperate country.
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December 2009
Doug's News - 2009 Hector Tovar Award
The highlight of our year is the presentation of the Hector Tovar award at our annual Christmas luncheon. Hector died September 10, 2000, far too young at age 37, leaving a widow and two small sons.
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December 2009
Doug's News - December 2009
A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. 2009 will go down as a year to forget. We can only focus and keep plugging away and do our best to make sure 2010 is a better year. And it won’t take much to make it a “better year”.
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October 2009
Doug's News - 2009 La Carrera Panamericana Road Race
The last week of October is the annual Carrera Panamericana, a 2300 mile, seven day car race from southern to northern Mexico, following largely the route of the original PanAm, which ran from 1950 to 1954 to celebrate the opening of...
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January 2009
Doug's News - 2009 Pikes Peak Hill Climb
July 19 marked the 87th running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This is the second oldest motor race in the United States, after the Indianapolis 500. Everyone gets one run up the “hill” - 12 1/2 miles starting at 9300’ and ending 4800’ vertical feet...
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February 2008
Doug's News - 2008 La Carrera Panamericana Road Race
Electricity and a Refrigerator Come to a Mexican Village. Every year that the Carrera Panamericana starts in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the southernmost, and poorest, Mexican state of Chiapas, we have always helped Prof. Jorge Morales...
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January 2008
Doug's News - 2008 Pikes Peak Hill Climb - Vintage Class Winners!
The concept is simple, the execution is not so simple. Just race to the top of Pikes Peak, to the summit at 14,110 feet. At the fastest speed possible. Mind the corners! And mind the drop offs! No room for wusses. Not for tea cuppers.
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January 2007
Doug's News - 2007 La Carrera Panamericana Road Race
Where to begin our adventure on this annual 2000 mile, 7-day race/rally from southern to northern Mexico? The week had so many highs and lows we cannot possibly cover them all. So just a few highlights and lows.
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