The Perfect Work Space

The Perfect Work Space

The Perfect Work Space
These 10 Mockett’s products will transform the way you work, making you more productive and even healthier.

10 Mockett Products That Will Change The Way You Work

You probably spend more time working than you’d like to think, and you’re not alone. With so much time spent in the office, why not make your work space as comfortable as you can so you can get your work done and still feel great at the end of the day? There are few little things you can add to your desk that will instantly increase your overall health and productivity.

In this list you’ll find 10 Mockett products that will be game changers for your office space. Retrofitting your furniture with these products will make your work space much more efficient and comfortable!

Work Space1) Electric Table Legs
Our first item on the list is the Electrical Table Leg, which we would say is a MUST HAVE for your height adjustable sit stand desk. Once you have it you’ll never go back to regular office tables. These electrically driven table legs keep you active all day long by mixing your sitting and standing routine. Just press a button and the table will go up to your desired height. It also increases energy levels, improves mood and helps you stay focused on your work. Not only that, standing up throughout the day lowers the risk of weight gain, heart attack, and back pain.

Work Space2) Monitor Arm
Monitor Arms are great for any work desk as they open up valuable space on your desk surface and make it easier to move your monitor to adjust it to your preference. You can bring your monitor closer to you (or move further away), adjust the height setting for optimal viewing, or move it side to side as needed. This mobility is great to avoid neck pain from looking down onto your monitor. Plus you can also easily move your screen to share any work with a neighboring colleague.

Work Space3) Storage Drawer
Maybe you haven’t given much thought to having a pencil tray under your desk, but Storage Drawers will make your entire work desk clean and clutter free. If you’re looking for a clean, minimalist look, those types of desks don’t typically come with drawers. So where will you store your office supplies? The Storage Drawer goes under the desk and is easy to install and retrofit into your desk to hold your keys, note pads, pens, and other loose items. Its low profile look will virtually disappear under the desk and keep your desktop looking clean.

Work Space4) Wire Manager
Everyone should have some type of Wire Management on their desk. Cables are a nightmare. They are unruly and are not only an eye-sore, but they inhibit productivity by being in the way and causing psychological disorder. There are many options for cable managers to help you organize your wires by concealing them under a desk, behind a desk, or up a table leg. An effective wire manager will not only keep your cables out of sight but will also make your cables easy to identify when changing out plugs. It’s easier than you think to clean up your cables with cable management!

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Work Space5) Cellphone Dock
A cellphone dock is a simple addition, but a very effective one for keeping your phone out of the way but propped up for easy viewing and access. It mounts just like a regular desk grommet and the cable is fed up through the grommet and into your device so it can charge while you work. This is a great item for those who feel the need to have their phones close by at all times. The Cellphone Dock holds your phone in a upright position that gives you full visibility for notifications that may appear, making it super easy to be connected while you work.

Work Space6) Power Grommet
Power Grommets are a great way to make your desk more convenient. For those who work with laptops and tablets, this is a must-have item. It brings power to the table top so you can plug in your devices without having to crawl under the table. There are many types of power grommets for different mounting applications. Some of our favorites are the Pop-up Power Outlets. They are low profile, almost “invisible”, when you are not using them since they hide away under the desk. Recessed Power Outlets remain open in plain sight, and Under Desk Outlets mount underneath the desk to keep the work surface area clean.

Work Space7) Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panels are very useful for shared workstations. These panels make it easy to create private workspaces. Acoustic Panels block chatter and ambient noise from neighbors and passersby such as: typing, phone conversations and the constant sweeping and beeping sounds from nearby printers. Panels are easy to install on any surface and give a modern office feel. Open up sightlines and energize your office while safeguarding privacy and personal space all at the same time.

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<Work Space8) Table Clamp
If you bought a small work desk thinking it was large enough, then ended up getting another desk to join together to expand your work space, you might need a Table Clamp. Otherwise your two tables will not stay together. Table Clamps are the perfect desk accessory for dynamic working environments where tables and work desks are in flux. The table clamp joins tables together seamlessly, keeping it close together without moving apart.

Work Space9) Wireless Charger
Wireless Chargers are the newest cellphone accessory trend right now. Most phones have Qi technology by now, including all Samsung Galaxy and Note devices and Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which all the phone to be charged wirelessly. Just set your phone on the charging pad – no wires! You can use a grommet mount version or an Invisible Under-Desk Charger, which is installed inside the tabletop and you don’t see it from the surface. They all include an indicator light to let you know that your device is actively charging.

Work Space10) Purse Hook
You probably struggle with where to keep your purse in the office. Most offices don’t have a place to keep purses or backpacks; they usually end up either on your desk or on the floor, neither of which is an ideal place to store your precious belongings. Install a Purse Hook under the desk and keep your purse or backpack out of the way and clean and off the floor.

We hope you enjoyed this list and hope you are ready to make your work desk more convenient for you!

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