Make Your Work Space Work For You

Make Your Work Space Work For You

Make Your Work Space Work For You
Making your desk clean and clear of cutter is easy and has many benefits; it reduces stress and even improves your overall health.

Make Your Work Space Work For You

Does your desk look like this? Or THAT? If it’s more like the second picture, stop and read this how-to guide on optimizing your workspace and rethink the way you work.

Did you know that a cluttered work desk could negatively impact your productivity and creativity? Messy desks are not only visually maddening, but they also interfere directly with your workflow. Wasting time looking for files or notes on your desk not only inhibits your productivity, but can also cause anxiety and unwanted stress. If you simply feel like you just can’t take it anymore, it’s time to stop and rethink how your desk should work for you.

Step 1: Remove Everything

This is the hardest step. Where do you start? Well, that’s just it. Most of the clutter on your desk is no longer needed, so let’s start the cleansing process. Go through everything - papers, folders, magazines, notes, pens, pencils, staples, etc. - literally everything on your desk and in your drawers and cabinets.

Is it important? No? Get rid of it. Don’t worry, it gets easier as you go. Saying goodbye can be hard, but it is necessary to get organized. Make sure you separate what is important for your work and set that aside so you can organize it and file it appropriately.

Step 2: Organize your cables

You’ve probably unknowingly let your cables get out of hand too. Are they sprawling across your desk? Or hanging loosely behind your desk? They don’t have to. There are many ways you can hide your cables to make you desk look clean and efficient.

First, check how many cables you have for your work station to determine which cable manager will work best for you. Look for ways you can hide the wires; you can use Velcro fasteners under the desk or use a baseboard raceway behind the table. If you can’t really hide your cords due to an open concept floor plan, use wire spine cable managers. These are cool because they spruce up your table or desk design while still hiding your cables. If you want to know more about cable managers check out our best recommendations: 5 cable management solutions.

Step 3: Use new technology to simplify your work space

Most cellphones today can be wirelessly charged. It’s easy! See how it works here. So why not have a wireless charger at your desk? You can build it into the desk with a grommet or have a mobile pad sitting on top of your work station. Now you’re no longer tethered to a cable. You can set it down while you work, then pick it up and go at a moment’s notice.

Wireless chargers are easy to install, easy to use, and come in many styles to fit with any desk. Wireless charging has many benefits: in addition to making your desk more modern and convenient, you also won’t have to worry about forgetting or losing cable chargers. Just sit your phone on top and keep working while your phone charges.

Step 4: Deep clean

Grab some cleaning products and a soft cloth and start cleaning! There’s nothing like working in a clean environment, so make sure you clean every corner of your work area. Pay special attention to drawers and shelves since these are spaces where dust and debris can build up. Our spring-cleaning blog has great tips on sanitizing your space.

After sanitizing, move everything back into place. Papers and small loose articles should go inside of drawers while books and folders should go onto shelves. The idea here is to keep your tabletop neat, clear of clutter. Your actual work surface should only consist of your computer and one or two items that you use regularly for work like a pen holder and post-it holder for instance.

Step 5: Get back to work!

If you follow these steps, you’ll have a more inviting and productive desktop. You’ll notice the benefits of clearing your desk cutter immediately: it reduces stress, saves you time, boosts confidence, increases energy, and even improves your overall health.

You’ll feel the difference right the way!

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