WM39 - Spine Wire Manager Kit with Magnets

Installation Notes
Flexible Spine Wire Manager moves cables effectively from floor to desktop for a clean and efficient workspace. If your work desk has metal table legs or a metal base, the magnetic links provided will cling to it to keep the cable manager tucked out of the way as much as possible. Flexible vertebrae move easily for adjustable workstations too, making this setup ideal for sit stand desks and mobile furniture.

• Flexible spine moves up and down with adjustable height desks
• Magnets included to cling to table leg
• Stands 51" high
Install clip to the underside of your desktop and fasten the links into the clip to suspend from the top. Feed the adapter attached to the bottom link into the floor base to finish the installation and then slip your cables into either side of the vertebrae links. Two separate channels make it easy to identify cables and keep them organized. This setup is ideal for applications with one single cable track and destination, but for more complex installations, easy modular extensions are offered to accommodate additional configurations.

Optional kit sold separately with 50 links to create up to 3 additional outlets from the base or extend your existing channel and the adapter to feed into the base to have up to a 4-way connector. This will take cabling from multiple locations across the work surface and neatly direct the wires to a central anchor point to feed into a floor box or centralized power source.

Overall height: 51"
Vertebrae are 2 3/8" wide

Can also be linked up to WM40 Under Desk Cable Trough using a connector gasket to run cables up the leg and then into a cable tray for storage.

Made in USAMade in USA
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