PCS36B-U - Medium Pop-Up Power Grommet

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  • PCS36B-94U (Satin Aluminum)
    PCS36B-94U (Satin Aluminum)
  • PCS36B-94U (Satin Aluminum) Closed
    PCS36B-94U (Satin Aluminum) Closed
  • PCS36B-90U (Black)
    PCS36B-90U (Black)
  • PCS36B-90U (Black) Closed
    PCS36B-90U (Black) Closed
  • PCS36B-24RU (Rose Gold)
    PCS36B-24RU (Rose Gold)
  • PCS36B-24RU (Rose Gold) Closed
    PCS36B-24RU (Rose Gold) Closed


Just like PCS36A only larger.

PCS36B-U has two electrical outlets rated 15A/125VAC and is configured without the standard Category 5e modules so you may provide your own or select from these black module options.
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