Hospital Grade

Greater Safety Standards for Greater Care

We understand your sensitive medical facility needs, and we offer receptacles that meet additional standards of grounding reliability, assembly integrity, terminal strength, impact resistance, and durability. They are spill-proof, PVC-free and available in our attractive Power Grommet housings for mixed use throughout your facility.
We offer Hospital Grade receptacles on many of our units including the ones shown above and more! Please call for details and to discuss available options and order information.
Receptacles used in power distribution equipment are classified under different grades of receptacles, including general use and hospital grade receptacles as determined by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles, UL498. Hospital grade receptacles must meet all the requirements of general use receptacles, plus additional safety and impact testing to accept a higher level of abuse than general use receptacles. The hospital grade receptacle is required in areas of a hospital where reliable medical equipment function is critical.

The type of receptacle used in hospitals is specified by the electrical contractor. In some cases, the electrical contractor will specify the use of hospital grade receptacles throughout an entire facility, including public areas and administrative areas. Powered furniture in non-critical areas with hospital grade receptacles could still be recommended, even if actual medical equipment will not be connected. Architects and designers may want to use portable or movable furnishings in certain areas, and these furnishings may need to provide access to electrical power. In this case, the use of a relocatable power tap or power strip with hospital grade receptacles would be appropriate.

The UL Standard for Relocatable Power Taps, UL1363, allows for hospital grade receptacles, but these power strips are intended to be used in areas that are not defined as patient care areas. If relocatable power taps are fitted with hospital grade receptacles, they are still required to be marked: "CAUTION: Do not use relocatable power taps in General Patient Care Areas or Critical Patient Care Areas. They have not been evaluated for use where Article 517 of the National Electrical Code requires Hospital Grade components." Outside of patient care areas, it is still ideal to have powered furniture with hospital grade receptacles to meet the specifications of the electrical contractor that are constructed to meet the requirements of the UL standard. This type of powered integration into furniture will still comply with all the necessary standards and specifications.

PCS units with Hospital Grade Receptacle are made to order. Lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks. Contact us for details at 800-523-1269.