Insert options for PCS36, PCS47 thru 51, PCS66 & PCS68 (White Module)

Data ModulesEach unit above comes with a data tree (PCS/DT-95 or PCS/DT2-95). The data tree allows for a multitude of audio, video or data configurations for your PCS unit. Simply insert the jack through the back of the designated bezel and lock into place, then snap the assembled piece into the unit. The bezels on the data tree serve as adapters for most major brands Major brand module companies include: Lucent Technologies, Panduit, Allen Tel, Amp, Krone, Hubbell, Ortronics TracJack, and Keystone of modules. Below is a selection of the most popular jacks/connectors we keep in stock.

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Data Modules
PCS36, PCS47 thru 51, PCS66 & PCS68** & PTRC2 (White Module Options)
CJ5E88TGWH  Panduit MiniCom (1) Category 5e, RJ45 $19.20
HDMI/WPC-WH Single HDMI female to female 18" cord $82.85
3.5MM/WPC-WH 3.5mm MiniStereo M/F 10ft Cord $22.05
USB/PWR-95 Corded Powered USB Outlet $81.05
USBA+C-PWR Corded Powered USBA+C Outlet $145.60
210-C6-WH Single Cat6, Line Coupler, female to female on one bezel $17.10
PCS/DT-95 Unloaded White Data Insert Tree $2.95
PCS/DT2-95 ** Unloaded White Data Insert Tree (Insert Option for PCS68) $13.50