Home Remodel

Home Remodel

Home Remodel
Top 3 Spring Remodel Ideas for your Home, including Kitchen Cabinets, Counter Tops, and Home Office. You've got a little extra time on your hands to tackle home improvement projects.

Spring Remodel Ideas

Spring Remodel

You’ve been spending more time at home lately - maybe too long in some cases. You’ve had nothing but time to think about those home improvement projects you wanted to tackle for ages and just never got around to. If you’re not tightening up the budget for emergency preparedness reasons, now is technically a good time to get started on those ideas. If you’re already home from work, you don’t have to take off additional time to meet with contractors. So, whether it’s your kitchen, living room, flooring, paint color, replacing hardware, whatever it is you’ve been thinking about, here are a few tips:

Spring Remodel1. Put Convenient Power Within Reach On Kitchen Countertops and Islands
Pop up and hideaway power outlets directly on your countertop add convenience and style to your kitchen design. Notice how you always have to keep small appliances huddled around duplex wall outlets that don’t stretch very far. Plugging and unplugging, swapping plugs due to space constraints. This power placement dictates where you are able to operate in your kitchen when it comes to food prep. Also keep in mind, we tend to gather in kitchens, and whether its family, friends, or guests, we gravitate to the social centers of the home and the kitchen is always the nucleus because it’s the epicenter for serving food and drinks to entertain. People will need to charge their phones and they stick around and chat. Now phone chargers are fighting for placement on those precious wall plates. Adding pop up power grommets to your countertop will put the power in your hands, where you want it, when you want it. Press to pop up, press down to hide away. UL listed for kitchen use and wet areas. View Mockett’s collection of Pop Up Kitchen Power Outlets for countertops.

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Spring Remodel2. Change out your kitchen cabinet handles for a fresh new look on a budget
You may have been thinking of your kitchen cabinets in relation to your other ideas of changing floors, countertops, etc. Why replace if you can just bring back to life? Sometimes all it takes is a touch up with some fresh new shiny hardware to make it feel new again. Kitchen cabinet handles tend to get grimy and tarnished with extended use. This is one tough area – lots of use mixed with harsh elements like wet and dirty hands is a recipe for shortened product life. Think of swapping out with new premium drawer pulls and cabinet handles that will last longer and give a nicer complementary look. Satin Stainless Steel or Aluminum handles will add a new contemporary look and feel and give a long-lasting life to age in place. They both also have a timeless look that will maintain an edgy look with any design as other elements around them change. Measure your on-center dimension for your mounting holes and see what options will fit best with Mockett’s Center to Center Drawer Pull Chart.

Spring Remodel3. Prepare a Work From Home Office Desk for Long Term Use
While you’re thinking about your kitchen and other surrounding areas of your home, the last thing on your mind is working from home. But working from home is now a reality in a lot of fields. As workers have proven their ability to work remotely, they might not be so quick to go back to the office after the Coronavirus pandemic is over. This experience may sculpt the way we think about how we operate and perform essential functions in the workplace. Some may be able to comfortably remain working from home while others may be able to find a balance of going into the office and staying at home to work more effectively. So that means that makeshift ironing board desk or sitting on the couch with your laptop was fine for a couple weeks, but you will need a professional work desk to continue on that way. Think of power grommet and wire management options to outfit your desk to make it more functional. Mockett has a variety of Power Grommets that mount to the edge of the desk or mount directly into the desk, either pop up power outlets or recessed grommet housings. This allows you to power your laptop, phone, and other mobile devices conveniently. Then think about the number of cables you have hanging loosely – not only are they unsightly, but they can be tripping hazards also. Mockett has Wire Managers for controlling your cables under the desk, behind the desk, down a table leg, across the floor, and for every nook and cranny.

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