SL-UNDERSINK - Under Sink Liner - Aluminum

When is the last time you really looked underneath your sink? I mean, really looked at it - how much damage has already been caused from neglect? Protect your cabinetry from spills, leaks, and general damage from water or cleaning solvents by including a sink liner. Or line dresser drawers or bathroom cabinets holding soaps, perfumes, colognes, or any other liquids.

Embossed and polished aluminum sheet with rubber trim custom sized just for your sink cabinet. A water-resistant rubber gasket has a lip that butts up against the cabinetry and a plastic cap lines the front edge. This item is made to your exact custom measurements and takes up to 7-10 business days.
Under Sink Liner Pricing
Size Price Size Price Size Price
2' x 1' $58.88 2' x 2' $76.69 2' x 3' $102.13
2' x 4' $134.67 2' x 5' $166.63 2' x 6' $184.28
3' x 1' $70.28 3' x 3' $148.88 3' x 4' $195.99
3' x 5' $242.48 3' x 6' $289.91 4' x 4' $257.26

Calculate pricing by determining your under-sink space and measuring length x width, then reference the pricing chart. Any measurement that is fraction of a foot will be rounded up to the nearest whole foot. For any size request not covered in the price sheet, please call for pricing or fill out the form below.

To measure your cabinetry, you can safely deduct 1/16" to adjust for variance from the rubber gasket extrusion on the side and rear walls. To install, insert liner at 45° and position flush against one side, then gently push down to seat flush while working the trim into position. You may need to loosen or remove cabinet door hinges to insert the liner.

For more information or pricing, please contact us with quantity and exact dimensions of the undersink space or complete this form and e-mail/fax to 800-235-7743 or 310-376-7650 for quotation.

Made in USAMade in USA
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