How to Mix Cabinet Hardware

How to Mix Cabinet Hardware

How to Mix Cabinet Hardware
The 3 simple rules for mixing cabinet hardware styles: 1) Keep the same finish for all hardware 2) Choose different styles for drawers and doors 3) Use the same pattern for all cabinetry.

How to Mix Cabinet Hardware Styles

Choosing the right cabinet hardware is key to giving your entire chic interior design a distinctive personality. It’s fairly common to use the same hardware throughout the entire space for a uniform look on all cabinetry, but if you crave something bolder and love to take risks with new combinations, you are in the right place.

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There are so many amazing cabinet hardware options with bright color options in the market that sometimes we just want to be able to use all of them at once. Not so fast – you’ll want to mix and match sparingly and with purpose. So where should you start? Mixing hardware may seem challenging, but there are some simple ways to make your combination stand out.

Here are 3 simple rules that you can follow in order to mix cabinet hardware styles for best results.

Cabinet Drawer Pull Hardware Styles1) Keep the same finish for all hardware
This is the easiest way to safely combine different styles of drawer pulls and knobs with varying styles. Having the same finish with bold colors will tie those variances in style together and provide a sense of belonging as if they are all from the same collection.

Also consider the texture. Keep the same or similar texture throughout too because even like finishes with different textures can seem vastly different. For modern designs, use neutral finishes like polished chrome, satin nickel, and stainless steel. And for a more classic chic style feel, use rustic or aged finishes like brass and English antique.

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Cabinet Drawer Pull Hardware Styles2) Choose different styles for drawers and doors
We recommend using pairings of two different hardware styles, one for drawers and a different one for doors. Stick to just two styles because it’s easy to manage and makes the overall design of your cabinets look harmonious, but still gives a distinct contrast.

To really mix things up, use knobs and drawer pulls together, such as knobs on doors and pulls on kitchen cabinet drawers. Or mix up your drawer pull styles for different functions for cabinets that pull out or swing open. See example where the designer chose two classics, a bar pull and a tab pull.

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3) Use the same pattern in all cabinetry
The idea here is to duplicate the pattern in all doors and drawers you have in your cabinetry, that way the cabinet hardware styles won’t look mismatched. For example, you can choose one type of hardware for upper cabinets and another style for lower cabinets. Mix and match knobs and drawer handles interchangeably.

The key is to stick with a pattern throughout all cabinetry. Don’t get overwhelmed with options though – it’s best to start with only two different types of hardware for cabinetry with at least 20 doors and drawers. Then move up from there for specialty drawers and cabinets with a third type of hardware.

Don’t allow yourself to be held back by the idea of matching your drawer handles completely. Step outside of the box a bit and experiment with your knobs and pulls. Test them out on different wall cabinets, drawers and doors, with different styles, finishes, and textures, until you find the hardware device and setting that works best for you. Throw in a little brushed nickel in with your black, or a little satin brass with your venetian bronze.

You never know how you’ll like something until you see it in the flesh. And don’t forget – we offer free samples on all of our drawer pulls and knobs, as well as custom sizes and finishes. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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