Pop-Up Kitchen Outlets for Countertops - PCS103

Pop-Up Kitchen Outlets for Countertops - PCS103

Pop-Up Kitchen Outlets for Countertops - PCS103
Frequently asked questions about kitchen pop up outlets for countertops. We have the perfect solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Countertop Outlet Options

Whether we realize it or not, we gravitate towards kitchens to talk, eat, and host family and friends. Food represents a subconscious connection of hospitality and warmth, the comfort of family, the emotional bond of sharing a meal, so it’s no wonder we want to be near where that food is prepared. For that simple reason, kitchens serve as the center of every home.

It’s also no wonder people pay so much attention to kitchen design, especially when shopping for a home or when considering selling. And it’s a big budget decision. Remodeling Magazine reported in 2018 that the average cost to renovate a 200 sq ft kitchen was about $64,000. And it can go much higher than that in some instances! The majority spent between $5,000 and $50,000, but you know going in it’s going to get expensive. With such a big investment, you’ll want to consider all the details.


What better time than during a remodel to reconfigure your Power Stations? Power outlets are traditionally placed on the wall with humdrum duplex wall plates. But what if you have a large window with a view? Or a beautiful backsplash where you don’t want to interrupt the flow? Perhaps you have a peninsula or island that requires power.

PCS103 Kitchen Counter Pop-Up Outlets give your project alternative design solutions.


But are they safe?

There are a lot of questions about kitchen power grommets, and we are here to answer them for you.

1) Is PCS103 water resistant?

Yes, PCS103 is water resistant. This unit was designed for specifically for use in kitchens and potential wet areas. Accidents happen… but PCS103 has a water-tight seal around the enclosure that protects it from getting liquids inside. So don’t worry, you are safe from spills, inside and out (thanks to the silicon gaskets covering the outlet’s inputs) whether the unit is open or closed!

2) Can I clean the unit?

Cleaning the unit is very simple. As with anything in your kitchen, it can get crumbs or dust, but don’t worry, it won’t affect the performance of your power unit. Just grab a small, dry brush and sweep away the dirt. Then, if needed, you can use a clean damp cloth and clear any dust left behind. Note: the unit’s tamper resistant outlets have shutter doors covering the inputs, so no crumbs will get inside the actual power outlet.

3) Will the unit break?

PCS103 Kitchen Pop-up Power outlets are made for heavy duty use in kitchens and are resistant to even the toughest environments. Pop-up for use, then push down when not in use. Over and over again. Don’t worry, it can withstand some serious abuse. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied with its performance, Mockett stands behind all its products and will accept any item back at any time for any reason.

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4) Why not just use a regular wall plate?

Having pop-up power outlets in your kitchen countertop literally puts the power in your hands. Well, figuratively speaking, but it really does. Having the ability to put power outlets exactly where you need it most will greatly contribute to your workflow in the kitchen because you can operate appliances in different locations without having them all crowded in one space, switching by plugging in and unplugging on demand. This will add some serious convenience to your daily life in the kitchen.

Plus, on kitchen islands and peninsulas in particular you’ll need power outlets. And even on regular countertops, it blends perfectly with your countertop, even with the ability to mortice into the surface for a flush fit. Seamless integration. Details.

5) Is the unit GFCI protected?

PCS103 Kitchen Pop-up Power is rated for use in kitchen areas or any other potential wet areas (UL spill test approved). Tap into a GFCI circuit up to 20A for shielded protection during usage. The underside of the unit will accept your GFI conduit and hardwires into your building’s electrical. Have a licensed electrician install your power unit in order to make it is safe to use. For GFCI protection at the outlet level, see also Mockett’s PCS77 Pop-Up Kitchen Grommet series.

And lastly, just as a bonus, it’s Tamper Resistant. TR outlets have shutter doors that cover the inputs of the outlet and both have to be engaged simultaneously with equal pressure for current to flow. This protects people, especially small children, from sticking foreign objects into the outlet and getting shocked.


We hope we’ve answered all your questions about the PCS103 Kitchen Pop-up Power Grommet. You’ll love having this power unit in your kitchen or anywhere you find this unit useful. PCS103 is available with two mounting options: in a flush fit setting or a surface mount with beveled flange, both in 6 beautiful finishes to match your kitchen décor. Visit PCS103 Kitchen Pop-up Power for more details.

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