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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design
Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Here are 5 items that you must have in your new kitchen.

5 Kitchen Must-Haves

There’s no doubt that remodeling a kitchen requires a lot of planning and hard work. From the cabinetry to the backsplash to the lighting fixtures, there are a lot of choices you have to make, and you don’t want to regret any of those decisions down the road since you have to live with the selections you made. Then there are the tools that help your kitchen function; the hardware you select is just as important as the furniture as it plays a key role in how your environment operates and offers complementary aesthetic value to make your design pop.

Here are 5 products that will add both value and function to your kitchen without breaking the bank:

Kitchen Design1) Kitchen Power
You probably take power access for granted, but power outlets are a key element in kitchen design. Placement, accessibility, and usability are important factors. You’ll need these for powering your small appliances. Just think for a moment: How many appliances do you own? Probably more than you think. A lack of outlets can be a huge problem when dealing with toasters, blenders, juicers, can openers, and more. And they’re scattered all over wherever available outlets exist. Why not put power in the surface where you need it most?

Mockett’s Kitchen Power Outlets are specially designed to integrate seamlessly into your counter top or kitchen island. They take up very little counter space, leaving plenty of free space to prep your favorite meals. Pop-up Kitchen Power Outlets can also be installed in areas otherwise devoid of standard outlets such as kitchen islands.

Kitchen Design2) Drawer Pulls
Another key area to consider is the hardware on your cabinetry. You need Drawer Pulls that will not only fit into your overall design, but will also provide a certain level of quality and durability. Drawer Pulls are meant to be touched. You handle your cabinet pulls numerous times every day, often with wet and dirty hands. Low quality pulls will easily tarnish and age quickly after collecting oils from your fingers. Pay attention to the quality of the handles you select to extend the life of your cabinetry and keep it looking fresh and new for longer. You’ll also want handles that look and feel good to the touch. Consider the ergonomic shape and functionality so you can open your drawers and cabinets with ease with a comfortable grip.

There are three basic elements you have to look for when selecting drawer pulls. First, what material is best for you? This is a key component for measuring the durability of the drawer pull. Second, look at the finish and how it fits with your design. This is important because it should complement your furniture and bring your kitchen design together, but it also has a lot to do with the durability. Quality finishes that have a coating to resist stains and fingerprints will preserve the life and integrity of the hardware. Or you can consider using Satin Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum handles since those have a proven reputation of withstanding tougher environments. And lastly, think about the design as it pertains to aging in place (or living in place). You have to live with your decisions; make sure you choose something you truly like and something timeless that will remain stylish for years to come.

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Kitchen Design3) Under Sink Liner
When was the last time you really looked underneath your sink? Maybe you didn’t give it a lot of thought, but having an Under Sink Liner to protect your furniture from messy spills and leaks will extend the life of your cabinetry and be a game changer in terms of cleanliness. For use under kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and even dresser drawers, anywhere you might store bottles with liquids. Kitchen sinks are the biggest offenders when it comes to mysterious drips. Your plumbing or faucets may be slowly ruining your woodwork without you even knowing. You likely keep all your cleaning products under the kitchen sink too, and those cleaning solvents can be very abrasive and can potentially damage your cabinetry. Under Sink Liners allow you to keep your sink cabinets clean and new.

Kitchen Design
4) Pull out Towel Holder
Most kitchens have this problem: Where do you put the kitchen towels? Most people hang those kitchen hand towels on oven arms or just somewhere off the end on the countertop. Or those dish rags get balled up and left behind the faucet. If only you could hang them out of sight where they are still easily accessible. We recommend installing pull out towel rods under the sink. Available in different sizes to better accommodate your towel needs. These pull out towel rods can also be used as paper towel holders to put paper towel rolls out of sight.

Kitchen Design5) Hooks
Some of your hanging storage could be better displayed on a stylish hook. Hooks are very useful in kitchens if well placed. Install it on a wall or the side of a cabinet, or anywhere close to the stove to hang oven mitts and large utensils for instance. Put items you use frequently within reach wherever it’s convenient. If you underestimate how hot that pot or pan is coming off the stove, having an oven mitt within reach will come in handy!

Other honorable mentions...

Kitchen DesignPaper Towel Holder
This one is very simple and straight-forward - Paper Towel Holders are another must-have item in every kitchen. You probably use paper towels every day, and having good high quality hardware to hold it is a great addition to keep the kitchen looking clean and functional.

Kitchen DesignWall Mounted Soap Dispenser *NO LONGER IN STOCK!
Soap dispensers may appear that they belong in restrooms, but why not add one to your kitchen design? Consider getting a wall mounted soap dispenser for a clean and hygienic look, especially for sinks that don’t include a soap pump on the counter top.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 Key Kitchen Products list and are ready to start adding some of these products to your kitchen!

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