Company Culture + Company Mission

Company Culture + Company Mission

Company Culture + Company Mission
Here Are 3 Easy Steps to Boost Morale in Troubling Times.

3 Easy Steps to Boost Morale in Troubling Times

It’s easy to lose hope when the chips are down. When business is down, it can have a dramatic impact on the collective psyche of the work force. Rumors begin spreading about impending doom and gloom, lethargy sets in, a feeling of helplessness washes over large portions of staff. It’s a tough funk to break out of. But it’s more important now than ever to get back to basics.

Company Culture

1. Reconnect with Company Core Values and Mission Statement

Why are you or your company in the business that you are in? Chances are, whether you’re selling or serving, your product or service has a very clear initiative. Take a good hard look at your brand and who it represents and figure out how you can help your base. This might mean pivoting and adjusting your brand strategy to adapt to a new way of conducting business, but figuring out where your product or service stands in the current market climate is key in identifying what changes need to be made or what areas you need to get laser focused on. What is important to your brand culture? Don’t lose sight of that. Take care of your people, take care of your customers.

2. Take a deep breath. Now Go! Revamp, Refresh, Remodel.

In a time of great uncertainty, you can basically do no wrong. As long as you do something. Use downtime to be proactive about tackling old unfinished projects. Work on your presentation, refine your sales pitch, change company literature to reflect the current times, and give your business the overdue refresh it needs to communicate effectively with customers and figure out new innovative ways of going out and finding new ones. Remember, the way we conduct business moving forward may never be the same as it was, so now is the time to find out where your customers will be and then go be where they are.

Take a look at the office. Shake things up, move things around. You don’t need to break the bank on a remodel, but you can easily change your basic setup to adhere to new safety provisions. Any change no matter how big or small can show signs of life, signs of adaptation to a new frontier, and can have a great impact on morale by stimulating excitement and breaking the confines and limitations of complacency.

3. Communication is the key to success

Now is the time to talk to peers, talk to superiors, subordinates, people in your industry, get some perspective from others about their condition. Find out what is working for them, what didn’t work, how they’re adapting, what are their plans for improving their situation. Then share that valuable knowledge with your own team. Hold more frequent company meetings, department meetings, and training exercises to communicate any new tips and best practices. For team members who are working from home, don’t forget to include them on groupthink exercises, and try to encourage them to come in periodically to stay connected to the culture and be aware of any changes.

The year 2020 has been one of the most bizarre experiences many of us have ever faced. The gamut of emotions has ranged from terrified to hopeful and everywhere in between, but hopefully together we will usher in a bright new day in a brave new world. Take control of what you can, make the best of your own situation.

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