Why Your Office Needs Privacy Pods

Why Your Office Needs Privacy Pods

Why Your Office Needs Privacy Pods
The open office concept is an effective tool for promoting collaboration and optimizing efficiency, but how do you give your employees the privacy they need to create that perfect balance?

Some peace and quiet in an open concept world

The open office concept has exploded in popularity over the last five years or more, and it’s understandable as to why! After all, what employer wouldn’t want to promote all of the organic collaboration that comes with this type of design? The layout has been shown to provide a more positive and welcoming environment where employees can work together on projects and ideas and flourish in ways that high cubicle walls could never allow before.

Privacy Pods

This type of office space design does not come without its drawbacks however. One major issue that has come to light is privacy. So the question arises – how do you provide your employees with the collaboration opportunities that an open office supports while also giving them the privacy that they will inevitably need at times (not just for personal space, but to be able to focus on a task at hand)? The answer: Privacy Pods. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and we get that – they come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate single person usage for private or important phone calls, or even to serve as private conference or meeting spaces for multiple users with bench seating and a desk in the larger versions.

Privacy Pods

Including privacy pods in your open office floorplan allows you to provide a safe haven for personal space free from distraction and privacy when needed on demand without interrupting the hive workflow taking place out on the floor around it. These pods work in all types of offices, big and small. While privacy pods may seem they would work best in large offices with mobs of employees roving about, they also help tremendously in small spaces where it is hard to have a private conversation. Give people the space they need to refocus and reenergize to maximize productivity without compromising usable workspace.

Here are a few items you’ll definitely want to include in your pod to make it functional:

Privacy PodsIntegrated Power:
In order to create a functional space, you must power your privacy pods. By including an integrated power grommet with multiple connection options you can save on critical space and make sure the user will have all of the options they need when it comes to powering their devices while using the pod. Assess your needs based on the size and purpose of your pod – smaller pods probably only need power and USB connections. Larger pods with an actual work desk might require data hookups for laptops and possibly additional A/V options in addition to basic power outlets. Whether going for a recessed, flush mount, or pop-up power unit, having a handy power grommet will add much needed convenience for the user.

Privacy PodsWire Management:
It’s inevitable - introducing power and data into your privacy pod will bring unsightly wires that will need to be tamed and hidden. By adding some wire management features into your privacy pods, you can eradicate the cord problem and create a seamless look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. See what a difference a clutter-free environment will make by putting those cables in check.

Privacy PodsWork Surface Supports:
In lieu of bulky desk legs and in the spirit of saving space, opt for heavy duty work surface supports to hold up your desktop off a wall, especially in single-person work stations. This not only produces a clean, modern look but also frees up floor space giving the user more space to operate within these petite areas.

Privacy PodsCasters:
Our colorful line of Casters make for a unique addition to your design and allows the users to take full advantage of the minimal space within the pod. Particularly useful for the larger conference pods, adding the ability to move furniture freely throughout and giving the space optimal function. Even in fairly small spaces where you won’t be moving around much, it’s still easier to glide than to stand and move chairs with limited mobility.

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The office is continuing to evolve into a space where employees feel empowered to work when and where they choose in order to perform at their best. Starting with an open concept floor plan is setting your organization up for success by providing your teams with an environment that encourages comradery. Incorporating privacy pods and other quiet focus areas into this open concept plan gives your employees the options they need to reach optimal productivity while feeling at ease and comfortable in their surroundings. Inspiration may strike at any moment and you may need to step inside a pod to harness your potential.

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