Cable Management

Cable Management

Cable Management
We are wired. We live in a world full of wires that power our devices and keep us connected. Mockett has the cable management solutions you are looking for.

Simple Ways to Manage Your Cables

We are wired. We live in a world full of wires that connect our devices to keep us connected and power communication. Cables are everywhere, even in our new “wireless” setups: at home, in the office, in our hotel rooms and at the airport. Even where we dine and shop, they have their own infrastructure for staying connected to payment terminals, computers, and appliances - restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, and so many others, it seems that everyone shares a common problem: keeping cables organized.

Cable Management

Consider your cable management needs and think about how you can hide those wires. Don’t worry, if you don’t know where to start, we have a solution for you! We put together some simple steps to guide you on organizing your cables so you can say goodbye to the spaghetti party happening behind your furniture.

To start, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Unplug all cables. This is important because you may first need to untangle the mess of cables ganging together at your power source. Unplugging all cables from the power outlets will also give you a better sense of where each cable is going and will make it much easier to plan your course.

Step 2: Label or mark your cables. Labeling each cable helps you identify them and trace them back every time you need to unplug and plug in again for any reason; no confusion!

Step 3: Use cable managers. Depending on how far you’re channeling cabling (or where), decide which cable manager is right for your application. Cable managers are great for guiding your wires and directing them to their destination. Keep your cables out of sight and create a more efficient and organized workspace.

See, easy right? Now you know where to start, but let’s continue to look at a list of possible designs for the best cable management options!

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Snake Wire Manager
Snake Wire Manager

Cable ManagementVelcro Fasteners

Velcro Fasteners are very useful for shorter runs of up to a few wires. Just stick the Velcro® fasteners under a table or any other type of furniture with the double stick tape provided, and then pass the wire through it. Add additional fasteners every 8” to 12” to keep cables in order.

Cable ManagementCable Wrap

When dealing with multiple cables, the Cable Wrap is the best option for keeping them enclosed. Run behind a desk or entertainment center, or run from floor to desktop using a weighted base and mounting bracket to stand upright. Once you label each cable, bundle them together inside the Cable Wrap, zip up, and voila.

Cable ManagementCable Clips

These cable clips are very convenient, you simply stick them on the furniture to create a path for your cables. Slip cables under and over the loops to fit inside, up to a few at a time. Easy access to add or remove as needed and a neat, fun look to guide your cables in tight spaces.

Cable ManagementLoop Wire

Loop wire managers are an excellent way to keep cables separated and organized. Label your cables and create separate channels for each. This cable manager is ideal for those cables that are frequently being plugged and unplugged. Use it underneath or on the side or edge of the furniture and avoid cables falling off when not in use.

Do you want more cable management inspiration? Visit our Pinterest board Cable Management!

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