WM32 - Cable Wrap Sleeve Wire Manager

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Neatly bunch and channel cabling through the Cable Wrap sleeve, zip it up, and problem solved. Fasten to the back or underside of the surface to remove from sight, or simply leave it loose in tight spaces. Also great for home entertainment centers or other a/v hubs where large groups of wires gather.

• Cable Wrap sleeve has two zippered compartments
• Mounts horizontally or vertically
• Horizontal mount with screws (included) or vertical mount with weight base (included)
• Durable nylon material

Colors: Black and Grey.
Size: 25 1/2" overall height. When used vertically with weighted base and top plate, height is adjustable from 26" up to 32".

Cable Wrap includes an inner and outer sleeve - inner sleeve 1 3/8" diameter, outer sleeve 2 3/8" diameter.
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