How To Give Your Kitchen A Modern Makeover

How To Give Your Kitchen A Modern Makeover

How To Give Your Kitchen A Modern Makeover
Kitchens are the nucleus of activity in the home, and the details that make the space function are very important!

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Kitchens are the nucleus of activity in the home, a place where all the family gathers for conversating, cooking, and fraternizing. Equipping this space with the best design tools is key to have a beautiful, modern and long lasting kitchen. Here at Mockett, we strive for simplicity in design with a timeless, classic look and high quality performance and functionality in our hardware, which will allow your kitchen to age in place gracefully and still maintain a contemporary clean line look. Here are a few examples of easy retrofit options that will transform your kitchen.

Under Sink Liner

Have you ever given much thought to your under sink storage? It’s easy to ignore because it’s hidden away behind your cabinetry, but that neglect is probably doing irreversible damage to your wood cabinets. Never mind the general clutter that goes along with that. The Under Sink Liner keeps your cabinetry free of damage from water and cleaning solvents. As a result, you won’t have to worry about maintenance in the future because the area under the sink will be intact, just like new. Drips, spills, and leaks wreak havoc on your wood. And they’re inevitable because that’s precisely where you store all your cleaning products. Protect your investment! Keep it looking new and clean.

Undersink Liner

Pop-Up Power Outlet

Even though we gather in our kitchens to catch up with family and socialize, everyone is still trying to stay connected online. You can offer convenient charging options with a pop up kitchen power grommet for counter tops. Pops up to access power when you need it, then hides away when you don’t. This is a great way to provide power access precisely where you need it for cooking too for small appliances like blenders and toasters, etc. Perhaps most importantly, it can serve as a clever substitute for wall plates in tricky design applications. If you don’t want to ruin your beautiful backsplash with a wall duplex, this counter top option can take its place. Installs anywhere, whether on a kitchen island, or on the countertop, even near a sink, it is GFCI rated and meets all NEC regulations for construction. A beautiful and modern solution for kitchen power needs.

Pop up Kitchen outlet

Pull Out Towel Arm

Every kitchen sink (and bathroom vanity) needs a Pull Out Towel Arm underneath. Dish cloths are a necessary evil in kitchens. You need rags to clean spills and wipe countertops, but where do you hide them? Hanging over the oven handle? Or balled up on the countertop behind the sink? Not so attractive. The irony: clean your dishes or countertop with rags, then recreate that mess by stowing dirty rags in sight. Mockett pull out towel arms and pull out storage trays will keep those cleaning supplies easily within reach, but also out of sight.

Pull Out Towel Arm

Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls are an extremely important component of kitchen design. You’ll want high quality cabinet hardware to withstand the abuse of everyday use, but you also want to make a beautiful statement. A corrosion resistant material is ideal for these areas, especially in the event that they may get wet. High quality treated finishes or stainless steel construction are ideal for these environments as they will not get tarnished or weathered by continued use and oils from your fingertips. Plus, the right cabinet pulls can help define a design. Even cheaper quality cabinetry can get an all around upgrade by investing in smart hardware. And changing out the handles periodically will give your furniture a fresh new look as often as you would like without having to break the bank on a remodel budget.

Cable management

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