3 Ways to Make Your Office More Comfortable

3 Ways to Make Your Office More Comfortable

3 Ways to Make Your Office More Comfortable
Are you dreading the idea of updating your office? Don’t be. It’s easier than you might think with these simple hardware solutions.

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Are you dreading the idea of updating your office? Don’t be. It’s easier than you might think. There are likely small issues inhibiting your work flow that have some simple solutions that can yield big results in the way of convenience and productivity. And the best part is you can retrofit your existing furniture with these simple upgrades without breaking the bank! Here are some suggestions to get you started. Your employees and team members, your guests, and most importantly, YOU will love the results.

Electrical Outlets

We rely on so many powered devices to get us through our work day. I’ll bet even though you’re working on your desktop computer, you still have a phone and/or tablet handy at all times. Maybe even a laptop too! So how are we to keep all these devices charged and running at all times so it doesn’t interrupt work flow? Good luck relying on the duplex power wall outlets nearby. The solution? Desktop power solutions. Having power access within reach means less cables running across the floor in the middle of footpaths. Integrating power modules into your desktop or furniture is easy. Plus they come in a variety of finishes, configurations, and mounting applications to best suit your needs. Plug and play. Easy. Now you can get back to work and stop wasting time looking for outlets and fussing with tangled cords and cables.



Electrical Table Legs for Sit Stand Desks

Electric table legs don’t get the love they deserve. The idea of a sit stand desk might just sound like a cute idea and a trendy office fad, but it is a fact that long hours sitting in front of the computer can have adverse effects on your health. Having tables that adjust to different height settings is important to keep employees physically active and focused on their tasks. Some of the benefits of standing periodically throughout your work day include: increases productivity, lowers risk of weight gain, lowers risk of heart attack, reduces back pain, increases energy levels, and even improves mood. Still just sound like a fad? Stand up and see for yourself!


Computer Desk

Cable Management

The irony. Even in a wireless world, we have cables. Everywhere. And they are need to be organized! Messy cables are not just an eye sore, that cluttered look can actually create a chaotic work environment that reduces efficiency and productivity. The solution? Wire management solutions! First, take a look at your cables to see where they are going, where they are coming from. Understand your work flow, then streamline it. Do you need a grommet on top of the table to make cables run cleanly through the desk instead of hooking around side and running across the table? Or do you need Velcro fasteners or wire stays to have cables organized under the table? If you need some inspiration or if you have a better idea of how you want to organize your work space, visit Mockett.com to select the tools that will turn your messy workstation into a clean and efficient workspace.

Cable management

Cable management

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