5 Cable Management Solutions to Organize Your Office

5 Cable Management Solutions to Organize Your Office
Cables are necessary to keep us connected, but they can make any workstation look messy and unorganized without proper cable management. It might seem difficult to get a handle on those cables, but it’s actually really easy!

All you need to know about Cable Organizers

Cables are necessary to keep us connected, but they can make any workstation look messy and unorganized without proper cable management. It might seem difficult to get a handle on those cables, but it’s actually really easy! Pick up a cable organizer that will keep your cables out of sight and promote a more efficient workspace. Before you go buy just any old cable organizer though, there are some differences among them you should know about. Every cable management option serves a different purpose, so let’s go through some of our cable management solutions.


Raceways are a classic option to conceal cables and keep them tucked neatly behind desks, under desks, or up corners. Raceways are simple wire stays that are cut from extruded material to length to fit your specific application. Usually made out of plastic, raceways are perfect for hiding cables around the house and office. They are available in many shapes and sizes, making them a very functional and versatile option for cable management.

Around the house, cable raceways are usually used to conceal cables that run outside the wall, come down from the ceiling, or come up from the floor. Our most popular wire management options for this type of cabling are the Baseboard Wire Manager and the Corner Raceway Wire Manager. Both work in a pretty similar fashion, the main difference being the corner raceways have “U shape” meant to nestle into a corner and run vertically while the baseboard has a flat face for sitting up against the wall.

In the office, we’re dealing with different types of wire management altogether. The most popular raceway for office use is the J-Shaped Wire Manager. This wire organizer has a J-shape opening where cables can be inserted and removed which makes moving cables around much easier. It can be placed behind a desk or underneath a desk or table.


Cable management spines are a great way to channel cables that go straight down from the table to the floor. The spine cable manager is very useful for electric adjustable desks. As desks go up and down, cables are kept in place inside the vertebrae. These wire managers come in several different styles, one that is just like a spine with the option to add additional vertebrae and another with more of an accordion style shape with a spring coil that expands and contracts to fit your custom height desk. Spine cable managers add a modern touch to your décor while keeping your cables organized and come in different colors and materials. Colorful plastic spines are great to add pops of color, and metallic finishes are great to keep offices looking sleek and elegant.

Velcro Fasteners

Velcro Fasteners are a great option for light duty cable management applications and are very simple to install with easy access to cords. Designed to stick directly to your surface wherever you need them, this type of cable management is ideal for guiding a couple of wires at a time. The Velcro makes it really easy to add or remove cables by just simply ripping open the tab, laying your wires inside, then closing. Velcro Fasteners are a very cost effective option and last for ages. Plus, you can customize these Velcro fasteners with your own company logo!

Velcro Wiremanager


Why not just bundle your cables in a cable wrap and call it a day? This simple concept keeps your wires neatly intact. Electrical cord wraps are very flexible and efficient, making cables look organized with very little effort. These wraps come in two versions, Zipper and Velcro. Cable Wraps can be fastened to the underside of horizontal surfaces or used vertically bringing cables from the desk to the floor. Either way, cable wraps are a convenient solution for basic cable ganging and they even work great in tight spaces.


Cord clips are small wire managers that are mounted to the back side or underside of a work desk keep cables channeled together. They are not designed to hide cords, but rather keep them in place and running where you need them to go cleanly and efficiently, best for spaces where the cables are already hidden but need some direction. These widgets and cable clips are perfect for tight spaces and unconventional applications and can be used individually or in groups to form a path for routing and organizing wires.

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