DP252 Series - Slender Bar Drawer Pull

Slender bar pull with modest profile has a very slight and contemporary style. Though its lean low profile has a very naturally subdued nature, it still makes quite the statement. Clean lines and hard edges are softened by its silky smooth finish, making for a highly versatile complementary addition to all types of furniture.

Every component is inspected down to the chemical level to show that no hazardous elements have been found in the making of this part.

Drawer PullLengthOn CenterProjection
DP252A5 3/8"5 1/32"1 1/8"
DP252B7 29/32"7 9/16"1 1/8"
DP252C12 15/16"12 19/32"1 1/8"
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 14001 Certified
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