Insert options for PCS46, 81, 90, 91 & 92

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Note: Reference chart for full list of matching power & data grommets available here.

** NOTE: Additional options available for PCS90 only.

Data Modules
Insert options for PCS12/R, 13/R, 19, 46, 81, 90, 91 & 92
PCS-DM6 Dual Category 5e, RJ45 $43.00
PCS-DM8 3 ea. Category 5e, RJ45 $54.80
PCS-DM24 3 ea. Krone, (unloaded) $15.20
PCS-DM28 3 ea. Siemons, (unloaded) $21.05
PCS-DM41UN Dual unloaded bezel for VGA or HDMI $11.30
PCS-DM40 Single HDMI Plate $51.05
PCS-DM42 Corded Powered USB Outlet $92.45
PCS-DM43 HDMI Female to Female & Category 5e, RJ45 $62.60
BD3P-90 Unloaded triple data bezel $21.05
HDMI/WPC-BK Single HDMI female to female $82.75
USB/A-BK Single USB Type A, female to female $33.95
USB/B-BK Single USB Type B, female to female $33.95
C545-S-BK Single Cat5, RJ45 $15.25
210-C6-BK Single Cat6, Line Coupler, female to female on one bezel $17.10