FG3A - 5" Floor Access Grommet

Technical Drawing
FG3A fits into a 5” hole and is designed and made just for floor access. It is made of ABS, a durable plastic that can withstand the office herd trampling back and forth. Note the edge is radiused so shoes won't trip over it. The double-thick grommet cover sits on a step inside the liner for extra strength.

• Heavy Duty Floor Grommet
• Swiveling top for cable access
• Rigid top can withstand foot traffic
One portion of the cover rotates over the other to open and close so you can access, say, one wire, and close up the cap to hold the wire snugly, as well as to make sure heels do not slip into the gap. Or, if you are accessing, say, five wires, you can open the cover very wide, yet still snug it up.

Size: 5 1/2" overall diameter; 1 3/8" deep; 5" hole size.

Click here for additional sizes, FG3 (3" hole) and FG3B (8 3/16" hole).

Colors: Black and Medium Grey.

Custom: Other sizes and colors are available on special order, going into hole sizes: 1 7/8", 4", 4 3/4" and 6 5/8". For more information or pricing, please contact us.

Made in USAMade in USA
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