CHP3 - 2-1/2" Star Desk Grommet Set

Designed by: Michael W. Davis - Rockford, MN
2008 Design Contest Winner!

Why hunt under the desk for accessory plugs and cords? With the Star Grommet Set they are handy, just a fingertip away. When you need a specific accessory, just reach over and pull its cord out, plug it in, and -- away you go! How easy is this?
As Mr. Davis said, 'Unused cords are kept neatly and conveniently at hand with the retainer balls in contact with the "star grommet". When a specific cord is needed, simply extend it out from the "star grommet" and use as needed.'

Size: 3" overall diameter, 2 1/2" hole size. CHP3 set includes cap, liner and five balls.

The "Star" cap is designed to go with our EDP liner. To use just push the cord into the slit in the ball and feed through "Star" cap. Ball holds cord in place. Each cap has room for five cords.

Made in USAMade in USA

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