DP211 Series - Curved Edge Drawer Pulls

A new spin on a traditional tab pull design. Extremely lightweight with ultra thin construction, and at only 1/16" thick, they already have a nearly-flush fit without even having to be routed into the drawer. Smooth curves on the downward-sloping front edge create a sturdy and comfortable grip. Available in four sizes. Screws included.

Similar low-profile tab pulls are also available: DP212 and DP213.

Finishes: Dark Bronze, Brushed Anthracite, Matte Anthracite, Matte Grey, Matte Beige, Rose Gold, Brushed Black and Satin Aluminum

Drawer Pulls:
Overall LengthProjectionOn Center
DP211A1 9/16"1 5/8"25/32"
DP211A/33 15/16"1 5/8"2 3/8"
DP211B7 7/8"1 5/8"3 5/32"
DP211C13 25/32"1 5/8"6 5/16"

Every component is inspected down to the chemical level to show that no hazardous elements have been found in the making of this part.
Constructed using renewable energy. We support the use of renewable energy projects and material reutilization.
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