Satin Brass Finish

Satin Brass Finish

Satin Brass Finish
Spruce up your cabinets with Satin Brass drawer pulls. You’ll love how it stands out and electrifies the room.

Is Satin Brass Back in a Big Way?

You bet it is! Brass brings a regal charm that is both elegant and warm. A cozy feeling fit for a king.

Case goods have taken on a more binary look and style, which doesn’t leave much room for expression. But it does open up a lot of opportunities for bold accents. Cabinet design tends to favor the neutrals. Black or white. And shades of grey in between. That flat minimalist look gives a very clean aesthetic and sets the tone for a sterile contemporary design, but it can feel a little drab without the right accents. This is where it’s up to your hardware to shine.

Satin Brass Back Brass has a familiar look and feel – an alloy of copper and zinc that has been around for centuries. There is something very soothing and calming about the soft undertones of a satin brass, but also something very strong and powerful about its presence. Used against all-white casework, it has a soft and elegant look. Used against all-black casework, you can expect a daring and audacious look. Both have striking effects, especially when paired with other brass or gold accents. Used on grey tones, the satin brass has an inviting and distinguished look. The one constant here is that Satin Brass can be used with just about any cabinetry, especially those on the greyscale spectrum. Or for an especially bold look, use satin brass against blues – from royal to navy – and experience a completely different dazzling and majestic sensibility.

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Satin Brass Back

You’ll love how it stands out and electrifies the room. With such a commanding presence, it doesn’t take much to breathe new life into your cabinetry. Try it out! Contact us for a sample, see how you like it. Whether at home or at the office, brass handles can spruce up your interior in a big way on a small budget.

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