Winter Remodel

Winter Remodel

Winter Remodel
Did you get your first taste of Winter yet? See here 7 home improvements to make your home ready for the holidays.

7 Winter Remodel Ideas

Did you get your first taste of Winter yet? Okay, so Winter hasn’t officially started yet and won’t for some time, but we know it’s just around the corner and we got our first snow in the Sierras and a cold snap with some unexpected rain in the SoCal area that caught us by surprise. Isn’t it funny how all it takes is that one cold weekend to get you into holiday mode? If you too found yourself nestling under a cozy blanket or breaking out the fleece flannel pajamas and taking another look at your surroundings and thinking about the cold Winter ahead, here are a few things to consider:

1. Insulation – As the hot Summer came and went and you thought it sure would be nice if the house got cooler faster, that means it’s probably a good time to check your insulation. You’ll be kicking yourself if you go through the next several months thinking the opposite, that you’d wish the house would stay warm (and get warmer faster). Trapped air is the best known natural insulator and your attic might be letting that cool/warm air escape too easily putting your central air into overdrive to compensate. This also includes sealing creases and crevices and that pesky gap under the garage door with a new threshold or door sweep.

Winter Remodel

2. Change out Cabinet Hardware – Sync up your hardware accents with your holiday décor. Are you more traditional with your festive displays? Or very vibrant and fun? For a more traditional look that has a Winter-y look and feel of a country cottage for that farmhouse kitchen look, consider changing your drawer pulls and cabinet handles on your kitchen cabinetry and living room furniture with some Cast Iron pulls. You’ll love the smooth texture that is cool to the touch with natural gritty undertones. Cast Iron handles will give a surprisingly contemporary accent to your modern design or will settle right in with your traditional furniture. That inexplicable versatility is what gives these handles such a unique and alluring identity.

Winter RemodelDP272

Winter RemodelDP273

Winter RemodelDP270

For more festive décor, try some satin brass accents. That touch of muted gold will give your Christmas decorations that extra pop. You’ll love that extra pop well beyond the holiday season too as it will also give a fitting accent to a Spring-fresh feeling. Contemporary low-profile designs with lean profiles, clean edges and interesting knurled grips will give you a fresh, warm, and new Winter-y feeling.

Winter RemodelDP252

Winter RemodelDP268

3. Fresh paint – As the weather outside gets grey and drab, brighten things up on the inside and freshen up your interior with a new coat of paint. You’ll be surprised at how big of an impact fresh paint has on your interior! Even if just a clean, new bright white coat, or if you want to add some soft pastel colors to brighten up the room, you’ll feel a big difference. Sure, it’s a pain to move the furniture around and tape off the edges. But it’s an inexpensive way to transform your space. Get the whole family involved. The kids will probably hate it, but you can get some wonderful pictures of them chipping in and putting in some work to make the house feel more like a home for months or years to come.

Winter Remodel

4. Spruce up your home office – As Winter approaches, what was perhaps once a beautiful view out of your “office” window might start to look cold and drab with a less inspiring outlook. Are we rounding the corner? Are we in this for longer? Who knows anymore, but if you are still working from home, whether full time or on a blended schedule, or even if you dabbled with a work-from-home schedule for a brief period, but liked the idea of carving out an area of the house for a more productive home office space (i.e. if the ironing board as a desk wasn’t working out so well), there are a few things you can do to tidy up your space and make it more efficient. Start with the essentials – you need accessible power options to make your desk function. Add an easy-to-install power grommet on the surface or under the desk, or pick up a handy USB power dock that doesn’t require any installation at all.

Winter RemodelUCS3

Then move towards your cable management needs. Clean up that mess of cables hanging from the desk with some simple straps, wire loops, and cable sleeves to keep them out of sight. See? Quick and easy, and your work space is now equipped to function like a traditional office desk – where you can work in your cozy pajamas with some cocoa. Until you get a zoom invite that is.

Winter RemodelWM7

5. Kitchen Power – When I think of Winter, I think of the holidays. It’s a special time for families to gather, and you can expect a lot of gathering in the kitchen. Catching up and making small talk, often crammed in a small space and fighting for access to outlets to charge phones. And not to mention all the cooking. You might enlist the help of some family members to operate different stations around your kitchen to create an assembly line in order to have the meal ready in time. That could mean you’re limited to certain zones for plugging in kitchen appliances. The answer to all these issues comes in a handy pop-up power grommet tower that collapses down into the countertop when not in use for a clean look and then extends up for power access when needed. Available in a smaller dual-sided pop-up housing, PCS103, or a taller version with additional USB charging ports, PCS77A/USB. Additional power to the rescue just in time for the holidays.

Winter RemodelPCS77A/USB

6. Power for Seating – Speaking of all those extra guests, there will probably also be more people than usual lounging around watching television or catching up in a sitting room. Or maybe the conversation starts to get dull and people retreat to their phones to fish for topical conversation on their social media pages. Having some extra outlets and charging USB ports will put everyone at ease as those phone batteries start to drain. You can install outlets directly into the side of your soft seating or into the arm of a chair, or for an easy solution that doesn’t require any installation at all, you can slip a charging console caddy between the seat cushion and the side of your chair or couch.

Winter RemodelPCS111

7. Coat Hooks for Entryways – Last but not least, let’s not forget about all the extra outerwear that needs to be accounted for. As the guests trickle in for the holidays, unless you’re spending the holidays somewhere tropical, chances are everyone will be braving the elements in heavy coats and scarves or at least light jackets that they will look to shed upon entry. You might need some extra storage space for those garments and you may need to put up extra coat hooks or a coat rack. Mockett has an eclectic collection of coat hooks and hangers that range from simple to fanciful and everything in between to match your décor.

Winter RemodelCH53

Winter RemodelCH59

Winter RemodelCH1K

Good luck this coming Winter and surviving what’s left of 2020. We hope you can adapt with a touch of Holiday cheer for your interior on a more intimate level as you spend more time inside your Winter Wonderland. For more tips on interior design, view some of our other recent blogs:

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