Quick Guide on Kitchen Power Outlets

Quick Guide on Kitchen Power Outlets

Quick Guide on Kitchen Power Outlets
Learn about kitchen power regulations for kitchens and make the right choice when updating your electrical outlets.

Quick Guide on Kitchen Power Outlets

Whether you are building or renovating your kitchen it is important to understand the basic standards and requirements for power outlets. While other areas of the home including bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and other general areas, have more basic, straight-forward instruction like spacing outlets no more than 12 feet apart, kitchen power outlets must follow additional safety regulations to ensure the safety of the area. So here’s everything you need to know about Kitchen Power Outlets!

Note: electrical code varies by location, be sure to consult with your electrician for local compliance instruction

Electrical Outlet Position in your Kitchen

  • Kitchen countertops must have at least 2 power outlets rated for 20 amps to be installed no more than 48 inches from each other. This is to accommodate small kitchen appliances without having to stretch the cord (no more than 2 feet in either direction) across the counter top and creating additional hazards.

  • Kitchen Island receptacles installed above the surface should be placed within 24 inches from the center line of the island, or if installed below, should be placed within 12 inches of center.

  • All receptacles installed within 6 feet of a sink must have GFCI protection

  • And you should never install a power outlet face up on a countertop with a sink.
National Electric Code has very strict guidelines for kitchen & bath usage since they are generally wet areas, but keep in mind these regulations are in place for you and your family’s safety.

Now that you know the basics, now let’s think about design.

You’re in love with your beautiful new backsplash, but you are required to have receptacles every 48 inches, thus ruining your design with an ugly wall plate for your duplex outlets. Well, alas, there are now alternatives that meet NEC standards that give you the freedom to put the power in your hands! You now have more control over you design by having the option to put power in the counter top in lieu of on the wall.

Our favorite alternative to regular wall outlets is a Pop-up Power Grommet for kitchen counter tops. Here are a few of the reasons why we love it!

  • Pop-up power outlets will not ruin your beautiful backsplash.
  • It is GFCI and Tamper Resistant.
  • It can be installed in countertops and kitchen islands.
  • It is water resistant with a seal around the cap.
  • It is very convenient: pops-up for access, hides away when not in use.
  • Perfect for small appliances and charging mobile devices.
We have two options for you to consider when thinking about your kitchen power needs and how they pertain to your interior design:

Kitchen Counter Pop-Up Outlets

PCS103 is a favorite for one simple reason: it’s very compact. This is the best choice for those who don’t have enough space under the countertop or for those who are looking for a flush mount design. With two versions available, either a flush-mount or a surface mount, both designs have a super clean look on the counter top. The PCS103 is available in five beautiful finishes to match your existing fixtures and décor.

Pop-Up Kitchen Power® Grommet

This is our classic kitchen pop-up power grommet: a safe and simple solution for kitchen power on the surface level that meets all UL and NEC requirements for kitchen use to use in addition to or in lieu of traditional wall outlets. The PCS77 is available in two versions rated 15A and 20A (though both have a conduit with a 12 gauge 3 conductor wire that is able to tap into a 20A circuit, and both versions have circuit breaker protection, so the 15A version will not allow the circuit to overload over 15A). PCS77 is perfect for kitchen islands, countertops and other potential wet areas with GFCI protected outlets. The gas spring in the cylinder gives a very smooth and steady pop up motion.

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