Black is Back

Black is Back

Black is Back
Black is one of our favorite new trends for interior design. Learn 3 easy ways to incorporate black into your interior design.

3 Ways to Use Black in Interior Design

Black has a classic style with unmatched versatility in any environment. Everyone loves black because it literally goes with everything, and interior designers are embracing the bold new look for that simple reason. Designers are starting to build on popular minimalist trends by creating striking contrasts that don’t interfere with the contemporary structural integrity of the furniture, but add a dynamic level of color options. These new statement pieces conjure a high-end, luxury experience.

Ready to jump on board with this trend? Here are 3 ways to incorporate black into your design:

Back in Black1) Hardware
Black hardware is ultra chic. It goes with everything and the best of all it doesn’t show grime or fingerprints. Used on Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Handles, faucets, lighting fixtures, table legs, having all black hardware is the new norm. Black hardware acts as an amazing accessory because you can easily incorporate it into any interior style - modern or rustic, or anything in between, your choice. Use on darker surfaces for a muted look, including subtle black on black variations, or create a striking contrast on white and lighter surfaces. For an extra bold look, use black on larger hardware, such as long cabinet and drawer pulls. It will give your furniture a sophisticated look and create a unique statement piece.

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Back in Black2) Wall
A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to completely transform your interior. Painting your walls, or even just a single wall, can instantly change the mood of the room. A black wall may seem like a big commitment, but it will give the room a sophisticated feel. Quick tip: before committing to a dark wall, make sure your space has high ceilings and a lot of natural light; these two elements are essential for a black wall to look its best. You don’t want to bring the wrong vibe to the room, so use dark colors sparingly. Then to offset the heavy look of the paint, use light or fun colored furniture and other design accents for a calming harmonious look.

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Back in Black
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Back in Black
3) Furniture
Another easy way to use black is by choosing some black furniture for your space. Dark furniture works in all sized rooms, large or small, and creates a brilliant contrast with other elements in the room, such as an all white wall. Don’t be afraid of getting black furniture; it is very low maintenance! Plus, it has a very sophisticated look. Some great looking black furniture ideas include: sofas, kitchen cabinets, table legs, and tables. For a modern look, use furniture with hard, straight lines and for a classic look, choose shapely furniture with interesting contours and intricate details.

Now try out these 3 ways to use black on your own interior to transform your interior design. See what other tricks you can come up with on your own to mix up your style too. Black furniture, black hardware, and black paint will give you a very versatile and classic look for your home, office, or hospitality environment.

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