Product Care Guide - Easy Steps to Clean your Mockett Hardware

Product Care Guide - Easy Steps to Clean your Mockett Hardware

Product Care Guide - Easy Steps to Clean your Mockett Hardware
When it comes to caring for your hardware, we want to set you up for success with some simple cleaning tips to extend the life of your stainless steel, aluminum, brass, leather, and wood products.

Your Complete Guide to Product Care

When it comes to caring for your products, we want to make sure we set you up for success. The care varies slightly for each material, so you’ll want to take note of the special instructions for each. We’ve prepared a list of the best practices for cleaning and maintaining your quality hardware so they will look and feel brand new for years to come.

Product Care Guide
Stainless Steel is composed of a group of iron based alloys combined with other elements to produce a metal that has a high resistance to both heat and corrosion. The best practice for maintaining stainless steel is to clean routinely with a nonabrasive cotton cloth – use soap and water for basic cleaning and white vinegar for tougher stains.

Brass is a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc – it has a strong resistance to corrosion and other wear. The best cleaning technique for this metal is a simple one – mild detergent and water with a soft rag will take care of most stains – rub gently as to not remove any of the plating.

Aluminum is a light weight metal that has a strong scratch resistance and good resistance to rust as well. As with brass, a mixture of water and mild soap is the best option for cleaning – commercial solvents and petroleum based cleaning products have the potential to remove layers of the finish and cause damage to your piece.

Leather hardware adds a contemporaty feel to any type of furniture and always seems to have a way of creating the perfect finishing touch. Leather can be somewhat intimidating when it comes to cleaning – our best practices to avoid permanent damage are to wipe a damp cloth with moisturizing soap across the leather and work into a lather. No need to rinse, just buff for a nice shine! To remove spots from the leather, simply dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub the spot. Let sit overnight and wipe clean in the morning.

Wood products can be difficult to keep clean, especially if they are in high traffic areas where spills are likely to penetrate their porous surface area. Our favorite way to clean wood is with non-harmful, homemade cleaners. A mixture of olive oil, water, and lemon is a great way to clean the finish and it won’t leave any film or streaks behind!

The best way to maintain the integrity of your high quality products is to keep up with regular cleaning and other maintanence. Follow these guidelines and you’re sure to have a product in tip-top shape you can enjoy for years on end!

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