How To Freshen Up Your Interior For Summer

How To Freshen Up Your Interior For Summer

How To Freshen Up Your Interior For Summer
Revitalize your work or living space with some fresh new hardware ideas that will update your look without breaking the bank.

Freshen Up For Summer: Rehab Projects

The sun is shining brighter and the weather is feeling warmer – the season brings with it a sudden motivation to update your spaces with the same sentiments. We have gathered a list of some of our favorite ways to rehab the indoor areas you’re spending time in this summer:

Add some color – whether this means on the walls or on the furniture, a small pop of color can go a long way in making your home or office seem brighter. Neutral surface areas with bold colored accent pieces in the forefront will spill summer over into your interiors and make for a nice warm feeling even when you’re stuck in the office!


Cabinet facelift – Minor changes can produce major results when it comes to cabinets! Painting the surfaces and adding stylish hardware will make it seem like an entirely new space. The current trend is turning cabinets into an art form in the home and office with the creative use of colors and pulls to liven up the area. Use our hardware positioning guide to help determine which type of hardware you need and how to install them in the right place.

Door Handles/Leather
Credit: CM Natural Designs/Chipper Hatter Photo
Summer cabinets
Credit: Turner Development
Credit: Mark English Architects, AIA

De-clutter and reorganize – This can seem like a daunting task, but clearing out rooms, desks, cabinets, and closets can do wonders for your home and office! Simple solutions like the ones pictured below can make your spaces seem much larger while helping you to stay organized – who doesn’t need that?


Making slight changes can turn your interior life into a much more pleasant experience. Take the plunge and liven up some of your rooms this summer!

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