Kitchen Power Outlets

Kitchen Power Outlets

Kitchen Power Outlets
If you are building or renovating your kitchen, you may have encountered some problems with your hidden kitchen power requirements. You have a brilliant design in mind, but not so fast...

Kitchen Power Outlets

If you are building or renovating your kitchen, you may have encountered some problems with your hidden kitchen power requirements. You have a brilliant design in mind, but not so fast; your electrician has concerns about certain code requirements. We receive all kinds of questions about what types of power outlets can be used in the kitchen. There are so many rules in the National Electric Code that it is normal to get confused. But don’t worry. We will walk you through some basics!

The National Electric Code (NEC®) was created by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in order to standardize safe electrical practices in residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies. Although it is a National code, it is not a federal law. States usually adopt the National Electric Code as a way to control and enforce safe electrical practices.

According to NEC, the residential wiring requirements for kitchens are:

  • Countertops that are wider than one foot are required to have a receptacle
  • Outlets must be installed every four feet (it's okay to add more too, which is even recommended) - this is to prevent stretching cords for small appliances more than two feet across countertop space
  • Countertops that are separated by cook top, refrigerator, or sinks are considered separate countertop spaces (and will require separate outlets)
  • Small appliance circuits feeding countertop receptacle outlets are required to have at least two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected outlets

GFCI protected outlets protect people from getting electrocuted by detecting the flow of electricity to a ground item. If the flow of electricity happens to be transferred to a grounded object, even slightly, the GFCI immediately shuts off the flow of electricity.

Keep in mind NEC regulations are updated every 3 years and it is an evolving process. Please consult with your electrician or local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ, an NEC approved inspector) for safety compliance standards.

We offer a line of power outlets for kitchen use. Let's take a look at the options:

PCS77 - Pop-Up Kitchen Power™ Grommet
This unit provides a safe and simple solution for adding convenient power options to kitchen islands, kitchen countertops, and other potential wet areas. PCS77 includes Tamper Resistant GFCI outlets and a hardwire connection, plus a water tight seal to prevent liquids from getting inside the unit. This unit can be installed anywhere and is compliant with all NEC requirements. Since the unit is rated at 15A, it can tap into a local 15A lighting circuit, or into any 20A circuit as it has circuit breaker protection to prevent overload. This unit can not only provide convenient power on the countertop wherever you want it, but it also serves as a permanent power fixture that can even take the place of traditional wall outlets to bring an install up to code (by being installed every four feet in the event that wall outlets are not able to be installed due to a backsplash or other design issue). UL listed.


PCS77-23G - Pop-Up Kitchen Power Grommet
PCS77-23G - Pop-Up Kitchen Power™ Grommet


PCS34 - Kitchen Power Grommet
This unit has a clear rubber ring on the cap that forms a seal when the unit is closed (which can be covered with a decorative trim ring), preventing water and other liquids from getting inside. It is UL listed and is rated for kitchen use with the water-tight seal under the cap. It also has a circuit breaker reset switch to prevent overload. This unit is classified as relocatable power tap as it has a simple plug-in application. This unit is not GFCI protected, so it will need to be plugged into a GFCI receptacle and it is not recommended within 6' of a sink. This unit is meant to serve as a retrofit option as an additional convenient power solution, not to replace required wall outlets. Easy to install, plug and play use. Consult with your electrician before use.

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