WM16V-44KIT - 8 Piece Extension Kit for Standing Height Desk

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  • WM16V-44KIT-23 (Metallic Silver)
    WM16V-44KIT-23 (Metallic Silver)
  • WM16V-44KIT-53T (Translucent Orange)
    WM16V-44KIT-53T (Translucent Orange)
  • WM16V-44KIT-63T (Translucent Teal)
    WM16V-44KIT-63T (Translucent Teal)
  • WM16V-44KIT-95T (Translucent White)
    WM16V-44KIT-95T (Translucent White)
  • WM16V-44KIT-90 (Black)
    WM16V-44KIT-90 (Black)
  • WM16V-44KIT-97T (Translucent Yellow)
    WM16V-44KIT-97T (Translucent Yellow)


This 8 piece kit extension will allow your WM16 to reach standing height desk settings of up to 44”. These rectangular 4-channel blocks simply snap together and then bend and move around to adjust to your dynamic work desk. They come in six contemporary colors.
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