SH52 - Adjustable Shelf Brackets for Angled Walls

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Angled walls for peaked ceilings make traditional shelving and storage solutions extremely difficult. Not anymore! SH52 shelf bracket adjusts for use on slanted walls, making it ideal for low vaulted ceilings in finished attics and recreation rooms, crawlspaces, and converted closet spaces under staircases.
Bracket mounts to the wall and the arm pivots up and down at the joint with the bracket to find your level. This allows you to include a level shelf extending out from your angled wall. Brilliant solution to those pesky spaces that are just not accommodating to conventional hardware options. Shelf arm extends 13-1/8" for shelves up to 17-23/32" deep.
Sold individually.

Max Weight Capacity: 65lbs per set

Finishes: Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome.
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