SH16M Track Set - M-Style Tracks with Aluminum Shelves & Shelf Brackets

A brilliant line extension to our SH14 and SH15, SH16 adds its own shelving system to the party. It uses the same choice of tracks as SH14 and SH15 and similar brackets. But these brackets are slightly different, having retaining pins at the end to hold the shelves in place. The shelves are extruded, ribbed aluminum with a nicely serrated finish on top. They're actually stronger than 3/4" veneer core plywood shelves.
Weight capacity: 55 lbs per bracket based on tracks mounted no more than 32" apart. Weight capacity is valid for evenly distributed static load, installed into studs or concrete only. Weight of shelf to be considered as part of overall weight capacity. Front edge of aluminum shelf hooks over top of the retaining pin.

Finish: Satin Aluminum.

Call to order custom bracket finishes and custom shelf lengths up to 12'.

Made in USAMade in USA
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