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PCS79/WC - Illuminated Wireless Charging Grommet

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Wireless Charger station with grommet mount fits into a 95mm hole and sits nearly flush with the surface. Simply place your wireless charging enabled device on the charging mat surface and the device will start charging automatically as indicated by the luminous ring of lights on the cap (does not light up until connected with phone). No wires. No mess. No forgetting to bring a USB cable or AC adapter.

• Wireless Charging Grommet
• Charge any wireless charging enabled mobile device
• LED trim ring illuminates to indicate charging
• Fits into 95mm hole (3 ¾” dia)

This next generation charging application mounts wherever you need it, great for shared workspaces, nightstands, hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, or wherever universal community charging options are needed.
The wireless feature allows you to keep your mobile device close and easily accessible while you work or grab it and go after a few quick minutes of charging on the run. Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are among the popular phones that are already wireless charging enabled.

Position phone on the center of the grommet until the blue indicator light ring activates to signify that the device is recognized and is actively charging. If there is a problem, the ring will flash red. Make sure to use supplied AC adapter.

3 ft. USB cord
Size: 110mm (4-11/32") OA dia.
Cutout: 95mm (3-3/4") dia.

Finishes: Black, Metallic Silver and White.

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Note: In order for charging feature to activate, your mobile device must be wireless charging ready or equipped with a wireless charging enabled case or wireless charging receiver. WC accessories for respective user mobile device not included.