PCS124A/SURF - Recessed Power Dock - 1 Power Dual USB

Installation Notes
Convenient recessed mount gives you power options within reach. Rounded frame with a soft surface provides a subtle and minimalist touch. Versatile for smaller desks or work surfaces to help accommodate different power needs.

• 1 Power Outlet
• Dual USB Type A
• UL Listed
Electrical outlets rated at 120V, 15A
Dual USB Type-A connector rated at 5V, 1.5A and 2.4A

9 ft. electrical cord
Size: 4-7/16" long x 2-1/16" wide

Finishes: Black, White, and Grey

Other configurations: PCS124B/SURF (1 Power/2 Dual USB), PCS124C/SURF (2 Power/Dual USB), and PCS124B/UC/S (1 Power/Dual USBA/1 USBC)

Edge mount units: PCS124A/CLMP (1 Power/Dual USB), PCS124B/CLMP (1 Power/2 Dual USB), PCS124C/CLMP (2 Power/Dual USB), and PCS124B/UC/C (1 Power/Dual USBA/1 USBC)

Undermount units: PCS124A/UNMT (1 Power/Dual USB), PCS124B/UNMT (1 Power/2 Dual USB), PCS124C/UNMT (2 Power/Dual USB), and PCS124B/UC/U (1 Power/Dual USBA/1 USBC)

Custom Options

 We can customize this unit to suit your specific needs, including but not limited to:

 •Custom Cord Lengths
 •Custom Cord Colors
 •Custom Receptacle Colors
 •Custom Unit Colors
 Please contact us for further information on pricing and lead times.

U.L. Listed and Canadian U.L. ListedUL listed and tested to meet UL962A (Furniture Power and Distribution Units). UL File No. E510355. Electrical codes vary by location. Please check with your electrician to verify that this unit meets your local code before installing.
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