PCS103B/EE - Kitchen Counter Pop Up Outlets - Flush Mount

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
The perfect low profile addition to your kitchen counter top! Power within reach that pops up when you need it and presses down into the surface when you don’t for a clean and stylish look. Flange sets seamlessly into your surface with a flush fit.

• UL Listed for Counter Top Installations
• Water and Tamper Resistant Receptacles
• Dual-Sided, two power outlets per unit
• Spring-Loaded Pop Up
Flush mount installation: cut a 3-7/16” diameter hole through your top, then rout an additional opening that is 4” in diameter and 3/32” deep for the flange to set in completely flush with the surface. Drop in from the top and hand tighten the locking ring underneath to secure in place. Have a licensed electrician hardwire into a GFCI circuit to finish the job and you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of water-tight power directly on the counter top. Great not only for kitchen installations, but also any other potential wet areas.

Also available in a non-flush mount version PCS103A with an easier installation that does not require the additional countersunk cutout and sits a mere 3/32” above the surface.

One 15A outlet per side
Conduit not included

U.L. Listed and Canadian U.L. ListedUL File RTRT.E2186 - Meets NEC code 406.5E for countertops, UL 223A for US, cUL for Canada, CSA approved for Canada

Made in USAMade in USA
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