New Catalog!

We are proud to bring you the latest in Fine Architectural Hardware for Your Fine Furniture!® We invite you to take a look. We think you will enjoy our collection.

Click any of the links below to download or call us at 800-523-1269 or email [email protected] to request your hard copy.

Request as many as you want - we understand you may want to distribute a few copies around your office or carry an extra copy with you. We have enough to go around so don't be bashful. Be sure to request or download our latest below. We took a slightly different approach, breaking it up and having each catalog focus specifically on particular product segments and applications. Collectively, between the three, they pretty much cover everything though, so be sure to download them all for an all-inclusive look at our line.

New products, and updating old ones, is a challenge, a headache, and among the most rewarding aspects of our work. It is equally frustrating and exhilarating. It's an arduous, tedious process involving a lot of designing, planning, tooling and refining, but it is oh so rewarding in the end once we're finally able to put it out and present to you. Our collection is always growing! Please check back to our website for any new parts as they become available.

Paper Copy

Note: Prices printed in catalog are subject to change without notice. Always refer to website for current pricing.