MPB6 - MPB7 - MPB9 - MPB10 -MPB11 - MPB12 - Satin Aluminum Standoffs - Cap & Barrel Set


Turn your display into a dynamic 3D presentation with Standoffs to sit off the wall. Great for glass and acrylic displays including wayfinding signage, menus, special announcements, and more. Just select the size that's right for your custom application.

How To Order:

Follow the step-by-step instruction guide, or call us at 800-523-1269 to walk you through it.

MPB6-12 Caps
MPB Set Screw For MPB6 (10-24 thread for 3/16" dia. hole size)
MPB Barrel
MPB Wood Screw

Wood Mount Hanger Screw For Stud Wall – 25 lbs

MPB Concrete

Anchor For Concrete Wall – 25 lbs

MPB Drywall

Anchor For Drywall – 15 lbs

MPB Tabletop Washer & Screw – 40 lbs (horizontal application)

Tabletop Screw With Washer - 40 lbs (horizontal application)

(Available for MPB10 & MPB11 only): MPB Hub Spacer
MPB Hub Spacer

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Satin Aluminum Standoffs - Cap & Barrel Set
Satin Aluminum Standoffs - Cap & Barrel Set

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