MPB/SQ1 - Square Multi-Purpose Standoffs

The square MPB series barrels offer a bold and edgy variation - why be round when you can be square? Has set screw to align cap.

Sizes: 1" square x 1" or 2" high.

Finish: Satin Aluminum.

How To Order:
Select option in each step. After completing steps, towards the bottom of this page, add configured kit to the shopping cart. Prices are per each kit. Please contact Customer Service @ 800-523-1269 to order 50+ quantities, or if you wish to order additional components.

Step 1. Square Cap

   Size: 1" square x 3/8" thick.

Step 2. Please Select a Screw Connector Length:
Note: to determine screw length needed add 1/2" to material thickness.

 MPB Set Screw
Screw Selection (5/16-18 thread for 3/8" dia. hole size)

Step 3. Please Select a Barrel Height:

MPB Barrel MPB Barrel

Barrel Selection

Mounting Hardware Options:

Step 4. Please Select Type of Mounting Hardware (Included in Price Except Where Marked (*):

Select Mounting Hardware

MPB Wood Screw

Wood Mount Hanger Screw For Stud Wall

MPB Concrete

Anchor For Concrete Wall

MPB Drywall

Anchor For Drywall

MPB Tabletop Washer & Screw

Tabletop Screw With Washer


Step 5. Select Quantity: