DP254 Series - Chamfered Edge Drawer Pull


You won’t believe just how thin and lightweight these handles are. They may seem slight and delicate but are exceptionally rigid for even the most demanding environments. That durability when matched with an understated elegance creates a dynamic combination of style and functionality. You’ll love the chamfered edge as it gracefully steps down and slopes over the front edge of the drawer to create a comfortable grip.

Finishes: Aluminum, Brushed Black, Brushed Anthracite and Brushed Brass
Meets ADA guidelines.

You may also enjoy our similar DP212 Rounded Edge Pulls with a gentle sloping arc.

Every component is inspected down to the chemical level to show that no hazardous elements have been found in the making of this part.
Constructed using renewable energy. We support the use of renewable energy projects and material reutilization.

Custom orders are available with a 500 piece minimum. For more information or pricing, please contact us.

Drawer PullLengthOn CenterProjection
DP254A2 3/8"25/32"1 9/16"
DP254B **7 7/8" 6 5/16"1 9/16"
DP254C **13 25/32" 12 19/32"1 9/16"

** (3) Mounting Holes
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