DP109 Series - Flat Face Radiussed Drawer Pull - LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

Matte aluminum radiused grip accented by a smooth flat face. It's as if a round bar pull was sliced right down the middle leaving the front edge subtly muted. This gives a good grip for your fingers arching over the rounded back and a flat plate for your thumb to press against for added leverage when opening. Meets ADA guidelines. Available in four sizes.

Every component is inspected down to the chemical level to show that no hazardous elements have been found in the making of this part.
Constructed using renewable energy. We support the use of renewable energy projects and material reutilization.
This part has been discontinued and is limited to stock on hand. They are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Overall LengthOn CenterProjection
DP109A5 29/32"5 1/32"1 7/32"
DP109B7 5/32"6 5/16"1 7/32"
DP109C9 11/16"8 13/16"1 7/32"

Comes standard with 1" mounting screws.

Finish: Satin Aluminum.
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