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Although we have made significant efforts to be as Earth-conscious as possible, there is always room to grow.

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Mockett Goes

At Mockett, we understand the importance of helping our planet. Harm reduction strategies are paramount to keeping our environment clean and our oceans healthy. For over four decades, we have done whatever we can to help our planet and continue to grow our green initiatives. Here are a couple of ways we play our part, plus some exciting new eco-friendly news:

Recycled Material Drawer Pull

Hardware from Recycled Materials

Plastic is an incredibly durable material, but it is a very harmful product to our oceans. If you want to keep the sturdiness of a plastic product, it’s always better to opt for products made with recycled materials. Our Ocean Plastic Knob and Oceanic Plastic Pulls are made of OceanIX, a material made from recycled materials leftover from the maritime industry. Think fishing wires, nets, ropes, and trawls. Materials that would otherwise be discarded get a second life as chic hardware that’s sure to last you a lifetime!

Green Initiative Bicycle Program

Green Initiative Bicycle Program

According to an article published by UCLA, a standard family vehicle will emit about five metric tons of carbon dioxide. To help reduce carbon emissions, Mockett provides bicycles to employees to encourage cycling to work. Those close to home can opt for riding a bike to work instead of driving, saving the environment from carbon emissions. We supply bicycles and maintenance for employees willing to bike at least three days a week. Once at work, bicycle riders are free to use the in-office showers to freshen up if needed.

Reycling Office Space image

Recycling Office Waste

The daily ins and outs of the office workspace can produce a ton of waste. We have paper waste, plastic waste in the shape of bottles and ink cartridges, boxes, and electrical waste. Sending these to the landfill can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. That’s why we’ve set up different protocols to recycle our office waste easily. Our plastic and aluminum bottles are collected and sent to our local recycling center, and our cardboard boxes get picked up by the city twice a week. Any unusable pallets get sold to be reused and proceeds for that get reinvested back into our employees to fund special events. Our electronic waste, including computers, servers, printers, laptops, phones, batteries, keyboards, and mouses, are all sent to an e-waste company to be recycled. All toners purchased are recyclable, and our used ink cartridges are sent back to our printer supplier to be reused or recycled. Whatever we can recycle, we do!

Eco Friendly Shipping Image

Eco-friendly Shipping

Although we have made significant efforts to be as Earth-conscious as possible, there is always room to grow. That’s why we’re excited to roll out our new eco-friendly shipping initiative! We’ve recently been transitioning to less harmful shipping materials and hope to replace all plastics with eco-friendly alternatives eventually. We are reducing overall materials used and opting for recycled materials where possible. We will ship our samples in eco-friendly pouches to minimize material use instead of using a standard cardboard box. To ship out standard orders, we’ve transitioned to shipping boxes made of EviroKraft. The traditional recycled box is only made of about 50-60% recycled materials, but EviroKraft boxes are 100% recycled! We have also moved away from using plastic dunnage and replaced it with ran-pack paper. It’s just as effective at keeping products safe and stable when shipped as the air-filled plastic dunnage but safer for the environment. With time, we hope to replace all plastics with eco-friendly materials.

We are proud of the steps we have taken to lessen our carbon footprint, and we stive to do better whenever and wherever possible. We hope to encourage our customers and competitors alike to follow suit.

Happy Earth Day!