Spring Remodel

Spring Remodel

Spring Remodel
Spring is here! Our little flower bed outside is blooming, the sky is blue, and things seem to be looking up. Here are a few easy tips to Freshen Up your Interior Design for Spring.

Freshen Up for Spring

Spring is here! Our little flower bed outside is blooming, the sky is blue, and things seem to be looking up. Maybe it’s time to freshen up a few key areas of your interior design to usher in that new positive sentiment.

There are 4 basic areas you can easily tackle yourself at home or in your office to update for Spring.

1. Drawer Pulls, Knobs, and Cabinet Handles

Whether you’re thinking of a full remodel with new custom cabinetry or just looking at the details that might make a big impact on the overall look of the kitchen décor, some new drawer pulls will certainly assist in providing those key accents that will liven up the room.

Mockett has a variety of modern drawer pull designs that are easy to install and are sure to make an impression – choose from tab drawer pulls, recessed handles, or traditional bar pulls with a clean contemporary look and feel. Or choose from beautifully crafted cast iron handles for a natural rustic feel.

See here our ultimate guide for hardware positioning

Spring Freshen Up

2. Display Shelves

The importance of Shelf Brackets is commonly overlooked since they are usually seen as providing nothing more than a basic utilitarian purpose - it’s easy to forget that they can actually serve a complementary role by enhancing the overall display!

Choose from elegant brackets and supports that extend off the wall for heavier shelves, or from low-profile “floating” shelves for a clean and contemporary look. Mockett also offers shelf track systems with aluminum tracks and brackets that are easily configurable for your custom application.

Spring Freshen Up

3. Pop-Up Kitchen Power® Countertop Outlets

Once your new kitchen is set up and ready to entertain guests, you can count on needing additional power outlets to charge phones and tablets as people gather in the kitchen. And you can count on wishing you had a more efficient cooking station setup that is not dictated by the location of your duplex wall plates. Put power where you need it - press to pop up when you need it, press down to hide away into the countertop when you don’t. UL listed for wet areas with GFI outlets.

Spring Freshen Up

4. Barn Door Hardware

Whether for your doorway or for your bar or cabinet, adding rustic barn door accents can really bring a beautiful natural vibe to your modern interior. Mixing design elements is a bold way to bring a fresh new feeling to the room. Barn doors are great space-savers for small spaces. When used on bars or cabinets, they are sure to make an impression.

Spring Freshen Up

Good luck and enjoy your new surroundings. Now that we have more daylight shining through to illuminate your interior, think of new ways to freshen up your design to get the most out of your work or living space.

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