Design Tips

Design Tips
If you've just moved into a new apartment, making it feel homey is essential. You'll want to settle in, but if it doesn't feel like home, this isn't easy to do.

Design Tips to Make Your New Apartment Homey

If you've just moved into a new apartment, making it feel homey is essential. You'll want to settle in, but if it doesn't feel like home, this isn't easy to do. If you've moved to a new area, then feeling at home in your new apartment can help you feel more comfortable overall. There are many ways to transition to your new home much easier, especially if you follow these design tips.

Design Tips

Clear Clutter and Junk
When you move to a new apartment, you'll likely have a fair amount of clutter and junk around. You may have packed things you don't need anymore and still be holding on to them. If you have lots of junk and clutter that you don't need, get rid of it. If you're not quite ready to do this, hide it!

Get Rid of Unsightly Wires
We often underestimate how untidy wires are. A room can be spotless, but it will look messy if it's full of wires. Wires can quickly gather behind your television or desktop computer, so do your best to hide these away. There are many ways to do this, from pinning wires to the walls to investing in wire management solutions. It's amazing to see the difference tucking your wires away can make.

Design Tips

Get the Lighting Right
Lighting is vital if you're looking to create a homey feel. It can create an ambience that makes you feel cozy in your home, and it isn't difficult to achieve. Lamps or small lights are the best for this, but you can also add a dimmer switch to a hanging light to have more control. You're looking to create a subtle warm light. You could even buy smart bulbs that allow you much more control and let you adjust your lighting with your phone.

Make It Smell Like Home
If you have a favorite smell, bring it into your home. This is a great way to achieve a homey feel without going to much effort, which is useful if you've just moved in. Whether it's a candle, diffuser, spray or even a laundry detergent that you love, incorporate it. Lighting a few candles will quickly change how your home feels and can add to the ambience.

Design Tips

Hang Pictures
Nobody likes bare walls. Make sure that you hang something on them ASAP. If you want your apartment to feel homey, include photos of your family and friends. If you want your home to feel stylish quickly, then consider hanging some artwork. Remember, it's your place, so hang whichever pictures will make you feel more at home. Why not include both family pictures and artwork? This way you'll have the best of both worlds.

Start with a Clean Slate
Although a new apartment should be clean already, it may still need a thorough cleaning. This is the perfect time to deep clean, so take the opportunity while you have it. Clean walls, doors, and hard surfaces and your appliances, such as your oven and microwave. Get your bathroom sparkling and smelling great, and if you have hard floors, mop them and apply any appropriate finishing products.

Bring in Your Style
Your home, your style. You can read all the design tips in the world, but ultimately it's your home. Your home should show your style. Even if you like unconventional things, include these! Nothing will make your apartment feel like home more than bringing your own style to it. If the landlord allows, paint the walls the way you like them and include decor that matches you.

Design Tips

Buy Decent Furniture
Decent furniture is important if you want your apartment to feel homey. Many people opt for poor-quality furniture or temporary solutions when they first move to a new property, but you should avoid this. Remember, you can take your furniture with you when you leave. Quality furniture will last you for years, so choose wisely. Why not add a modular sofa to give you more flexibility with your design?

Keep It Private
Nothing can make something feel less homey than a lack of privacy. Often, a new apartment will have bare windows that allow your neighbors to see into your home. Make curtains or blinds a priority and hang these as soon as you can.

Make It Cozy
Coziness is often what makes a house feel like a home. Making your apartment cozy can be as simple as adding some comfortable cushions, blankets, and throws. You may already have these soft furnishings from your old home, but if you don't, get some. Feeling warm and comfortable in your new apartment is key to feeling at home.

Design Tips

Set Up Entertainment
Often, when people move into a new apartment, they forget all about entertainment. If you've got nothing to entertain you in your new home, then you'll likely get bored and lonely. Put setting up your television and internet at the top of your priority list.

Incorporate Greenery
Plants can make any new environment feel homey. Bringing in greenery not only livens up your space but also brings life into your home. If caring for plants isn't your thing, artificial plants can look great and require minimal maintenance.

Design Tips

Add Convenient Surfaces
Don't overlook convenient surfaces when you first move in—they're more important than you'd think. If you're sitting on the sofa enjoying a coffee, you'll need a place to put it. Be sure to place convenient tables and surfaces around to fit in with your life. Want to throw your bag and keys down when you come home? Add a surface to put them on.

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