Industrial Design and Power Locker

Industrial Design and Power Locker
If you enjoy the raw and rugged sensibility of industrial design interiors, you’ll love Mockett’s PCS102-Power Locker.

Power Locker – A Nod to Industrial Design

If you enjoy the raw and rugged sensibility of industrial design interiors, you’ll love Mockett’s PCS102-Power Locker. Industrial furniture and décor takes what appears to be an unbridled and natural approach to design, but it is in fact quite the opposite in that it requires meticulous planning of mixed materials and merges many different styles into one interesting harmonious composition of gritty distressed surfaces and finishes. Power Locker uses this same pairing of modern, clean design with classic seasoned tones.

There is one common thread in most industrial design interiors: a weathered factory look in a contemporary space. Fans of this design will recognize the exposed piping, one or more brick walls mixed in with traditional drywall, raw concrete floors or stripped wood floors, and hanging lights and fixtures with vintage finishes. Reclaimed buildings are repurposed into modern design studios that leave a lasting footprint of their original design: a celebration of the industrial revolution and the factories that once were, now weaved into the fabric of modern design.


Factories and workshops today still use the old fashioned portable power pendants and hanging power duplex boxes, often retractable up to the ceiling that can be pulled down when power is needed. Power Locker takes that very concept and turns it into a 21st century power solution for workers on the go with a mobile power port hub that can go with you in your briefcase or be used on your work desk in your home or office. Typically, we aim to conceal our power grommets and make them blend in with the overall design, but Power Locker has such a distinct look, it’s meant to be seen!

The PCS102 is quite the statement piece, sure to make any space look unique. Its design is one of a kind - the hard square lines resemble old factory machinery and the exposed button screws are reminiscent of industrial structures with exposed piping. And the bright colors bring this genuine piece a youthful and modern feel.

As shown in the photo above, PCS102 blends in perfectly in this industrial office design, inspiring the work force of a new generation with hints of influence from previous generations that embodied the grit and American spirit of a modernized labor force.

The Power Locker is available in two different configurations with your choice of two power outlets or one power outlet and two USB charging ports. Available in five standard finish combinations, or customize your own! Make Power Locker uniquely yours.

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